Pubg Update v0.11.5: New Weapon, Vehicles And Features Added

           Pubg is the most popular game around the world currently. It has been one year since the game has been launched in the market and the popularity level has not gone down even by a percent. Moreover, it doesn’t seem that pubg will let the popularity level go down anywhere in the near term. This is because the developers are working exhaustively to push new updates and add more and more features to the game which will keep the players abide. Following the trend, Pubg has released the 0.11.5 Beta Update which has added some new features to the game.

Pubg Update v0.11.5

The new pubg update was rolled out on 20th March 2019. Earlier, a major update was pushed in which the entire game was updated. It adds add new event modes like the survival till dawn. However, the new pubg update is an in-App update and will be done automatically when you turn on the game. It has added several new features and weapons to the game. Moreover, some new vehicles are also added to some maps. We have listed on all the new features and vehicles which are added with this new update.

New Features

The new feature has updated the weather in some maps like Miramar and Erangel. Now there is dynamic weather in both the maps where you will find rain and other weather conditions while playing the game. The previous day and night version is also continued.

Besides, a new vehicle has been added to Sanhok. It is a three wheelers bus which can carry three people and is a sanhok exclusive vehicle. This means that the players can get this vehicle only on a particular map. It will replace Jeep and another existing vehicle in this map.

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A new gun has been added to Vikendi map. The gun is called G36C rifle and it uses the 5.56mm bullets. This gun has replaced Scar-L in Vikendi.

There has been some changes and updates in the event mode too. Now the zombies will be added to the game from time to time in a weakened state. More details can be availed from the announcement section of the game. Earlier, there were some places on the map where zombies couldn’t enter. This problem has now been fixed with the new Pubg update. Hence, zombie penetration has been increasing in the survival mode.

There has also been some reshuffling of timings in zone and reshuffling of fuel levels in different vehicles. Additionally, drops have also been tuned.

“I got supplies” is now pre-selected. Some minor warnings related to the preview of equipment and clothes will also be sent. Tapping the feedback option is also added to the report menu. Therefore, the new update has updated a lot of things.

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