Apex Legends Season 2 Can Introduce A Second Character In Addition To Wattson

Apex Legends Season 2 Can Introduce A Second Character In Addition To Wattson

                Apex Legends Season 2: Respawn Entertainment, makers of Apex legends have confirmed that there will be a new character in the season 2. They have already confirmed that a new legend named Wattson will the present in the season 2 of Apex legend. It will have the electrifying capability and therefore, it can destroy the animals using his electrical powers.

However, we have got to know that another new character will be added to Apex legend season 2. You would surely want to know the name of the new character and what new features have it got compared to the old one. We have come to update the entire details of the new Leak. It indicates that a second new legend will be present in the game.

Apex Legends Season 2

As mentioned earlier, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that there will be a new electrifying character named Wattson in season 2. However, the name of a second character is also coming to the surface as the date of season 2 comes closer. The second new character of season 2 will be named as crypto. He is a Sword-wielding character who can be the first ever cool villain of Apex Legends.

A subreddit post shows how season 2 will begin with crypto in the background. It also shows how the entire story of the season can be affected largely by this second new character of the season. The leader suggested that the teacher of crypto was available in the legendary hunt update. It was released in June itself. The latest theory of crypto suggests that it is a feature in the Pathfinder concept art for the game. Moreover, he wields a sword which will have the apple legends season 2 logo on it. His other capabilities include jamming enemies network.

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If these proposed leaks about crypto’s ability are found true, it will resemble the character of Genji and Somba from Overwatch: A sword-wielding my blog which can deflect the shot fired by the enemy. Moreover, it also happens to be an elite hacker who can disrupt the capabilities of the enemies. Hence, the enemies will not be able to use their powers effectively. It is also suggested that the character will use his hacking skills to shut down the repulser are on the island, therefore, allowing giant Leviathans and Flyers to attack the island directly.

Currently, the flyer is alterity interacting with the players but once the repulser is shut down, there is nothing which can stop this giant behemoth from stomping all over. However, the best Masters will also be present at the location. The Apex legends season 2 is expected to start with the crypto teaser destroying the repulser. This is what we find as cinematic videos in the transition phase of fortnite. The Apex legends season 2 is starting on 2nd July 2019.

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