World Cancer Day 2019: Common Myths And Misconception About Cancer

World Cancer Day 2019: Common Myths And Misconception About Cancer

         Cancer is the deadliest disease in the human era. World Cancer Day is celebrated every year to spread awareness about the symptoms and treatment of this disease. Cancer is a disease in which somebody cells divide rapidly without any control. This abnormal behavior of the growth and dividend of some body cells is called cancer. There are a number of known and unknown reasons which causes Cancer. One possible reason is genetics, however, the other reasons are not exactly known by anyone. There are many studies on cancer which have different readings and interpretations. Hence, we still have to wait for getting the exact treatment and reason of this abnormality. However, there are some common myths and misconceptions related to cancer.

World cancer day is meant for spreading awareness about this cell abnormality. Hence, you should also be aware of the common myths and misconceptions that are usually related to cancer. We have listed down the most common myths and misconceptions of cancer. This guide will help you a lot in the long run.

Cancer: Myths and Misconceptions

Is cancer a death sentence?

Back in the 1990s or early 2000, cancer was almost untreatable and most people died out of this untreatable disease. However, the death rate has gone down severely on account of the new methodology and approach to the treatment of cancer. Most people think that cancer is a death sentence and it cannot be treated at all. But this is a complete might and misconception. Cancer can be treated depending upon many situations. Recent survey reports show that death by cancer is going down day by day.

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Is consuming sugar harmful for Cancer patients?

No, there has been no proof that consuming sugar can worsen the situation of a cancer patient. However, some initial research reports show that consuming more glucose can activate the cancer cells more vigorously. But most of these resources have got rejected by the central authorities. Hence, it is presumed that consume in sugar is not at all harmful for cancer patients as of now. However, you should refrain from a high sugar diet. Normal consumption will have least or almost no effect.

Is cancer contagious?

This is the most common misconception that the people in society help. Cancer is not at all contagious. Hence, cancer cannot spread by touch or any such means. Spreading awareness about this misconception has been the major motive of the world cancer day. Generally, people try to avoid those friends who have cancer. They think that if they are near them, they will also conceive it. However, this is completely false thinking because cancer has been certified as a non-contagious disease by the central authority.

Can cancer surgery cause the spread of these cells in other body parts?

Earlier, there have been many instances when the Cancer surgery or tumour biopsy has spread the cancer cells to the other parts of the body. This worsens the situation because it is further spread to other body organs. However, the risk of Cancer spreading because of such surgery has gone down considerably. This is because surgeons use the latest technology and tools for doing these surgeries. Hence, you should not be afraid because of this reason.

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Do cell phones cause cancer?

This particular thing has got viral over the past few years. Many news agencies and social media platforms had been spreading rumours that cell phone causes Cancer. However, this is completely false because no research has ever found that the low frequency used by the cell phones can cause gene mutation. Moreover, the official website of the government, for cancer awareness has mentioned that cancer has no relation to The frequencies of cell phones.

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