World AIDS Day 2018; “Know Your Status” And Spread Awareness!

  The world is chaining so fast and with this world, we should get on moving. You should always be sure about your health and should spread awareness about it. This AIDS Day 2018, you can come out and check yourself and mark yourself free. This is an amazing idea, and it is the theme of AIDS Day 2018. Yes! This year the theme is “Know Your Status”. And as we told you above you all should avoid all the negativity and you should mark yourself safe.

AIDS Day 2018 is about to have its 30th anniversary on 1 December, and as we told you above the theme is “Know your status”. You all should know that progress has been made in the AIDS response since 1988. Also, you all should know that today only three in four people living with HIV know their status. Yes! It is a big step but we want to make sure that everyone should know his/her status. Some sources are saying that people should know their status because it will really boost the event.

World AIDS Day 2018 Theme-

Some of you might know that HIV testing is essential for expanding treatment and ensuring that all people living with HIV can lead healthy and productive lives. It is so sure to be sure and it is really a nice step for everyone. Also, you all should know that it is so crucial to achieving the 90–90–90 targets and it is also important for everyone because they’ll know there status and the world will know their status. We don’t think that anybody should avoid this kind of stuff because it is really very important.

World AIDS 2018-

If you are feeling low and don’t have the courage to go out for the AIDS check up then you should bring your friends together. Now, we know that there are many barriers to HIV testing remain and some of them are because of society. You all should know that access to confidential HIV testing is still an issue of concern. People mostly get themselves checked after becoming ill and symptomatic.

You all should know that there are many new ways of expanding access to HIV testing. We think that you all should explore yourself and then you can even pick self-testing, community-based testing and multi-disease testing are all helping people to know their HIV status. Some of you might know that the HIV testing programmes must be expanded. Reports are coming that the World AIDS Day 2018 is here and we are pretty sure that you all encourage enough.

You all should even raise awareness about this issue. We think that the AIDS isn’t just an illness even it is much more disaster than that. And we think that to fight any disaster we have to get together as one against it. Now, we have talked about all the issues here. Mainly, this portion is felt for the history lovers. You all should know that the World AIDS Day originated at the 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention.

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