5 Greatest Facts About Kratom You Need To Know Right Now!

5 Greatest Facts About Kratom You Need To Know Right Now!

    Kratom, a drug, has been in news because of the recent announcement by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The DEA announced that it is planning to put a ban on kratom. This has been taken into consideration because of the recent activities on drug abuse. However, most people and experts claim that kratom is a very essential painkiller for chronic pains. It is used in the medication of chronic pain. Kratom is currently legal in the United States and has proven results for killing the pain. However, DEA is in the process of banning it completely in the US. Here all the facts you should know about Kratom.

5 Facts About Kratom

1. History

Kratom is extracted from the leaves of  Mytragyna Speciosa. It is used by the farmers to get an extra boost for working in the fields. However, this drug was banned in Thailand and Malaysia because of some harmful side effects. Besides proper medication, kratom has grown excessively popular in the western countries because of its proven features like an energy boost. This has led to the smuggling of this drug from the jungles of Thailand. Moreover, it is being legally used in drugs for killing chronic pains.

2. It is easily available

Kratom is used in various forms. It is crushed and used for smoking or as brewed beverages. Moreover, there are many coffee shops in a popular city like New York, where you can sit and enjoy the brewed Kratom drinks. Kratom is being sold at many bars and customers to use it because of its addictive nature. Since Kratom is currently legal in the US, it is easily available in Breweries. Additionally, Airtel very easily available at small stores and down and also online. The growing accessibility of this drug has raised concerns. This is why the drug enforcement administration has issued a draft for this drug.

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3. It is similar to Opiates

The side effects of kratom are somewhat similar to that of opiates. It is categorised as a supplement in the United States, even after multiple instances of the FDA stated, that it has various downsides like vomiting and depressed lungs. The effect of using kratom for 5 to 10 minutes, can affect your body for the next five to seven hours. If taken in lower quantity, it gives you a feeling of boosted energy and increased social behaviour. People often start talking to strangers. Moreover, if taken in a significant quantity, it can cause sedation and reduce body pain.

4. Kratom is Addictive

According to DEA, kratom has an addictive nature and this is the main reason for its abuse. People who have taken this drug on a regular basis, cannot leave it even if they are forced. The body starts resisting if you are not taking the drug at the same time as earlier. However, the withdrawal effects and symptoms were seen only in 1 out of 10 people. Those who have already been treated with a substance disorder in the past, are recommended to stay away from kratom, because of its addictive nature.

5. Side Effects

Kratom is very harmful to health. Just like any other abusive drug, Kratom is being used for getting high. There how many side effects of using this drug regularly. Below are the proven side effects of Kratom.

  • Nausea is a very common side effect of many drugs, including Kratom.
  • Expecting and feeling of extra talkative is also a possible side effect.
  • Additionally, dry mouth or dehydration can be the result of this drug abuse. Hence, rehydration therapy is very important.
  • Loss of appetite and constipation is also counted as a side effect of Kratom
  • Moreover, the DEA stated that it can cause increased urination in humans.
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