37th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference: All You Need To Know

JP Morgan Healthcare conference

   JP Morgan Healthcare conference is something which was started by H&Q in 1983. In 2000, H&Q was acquired by Chase. Later, JP Morgan acquired H&Q. Hence, the name was changed to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. The Healthcare conference is an annual investor summit which attracts investors from around the world to invest in the new biotechnology industry. More than 200 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies participate in the JP Morgan Healthcare conference. It includes startups as well as companies with more than $250 billion market cap. Here is all you need to know about JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

The 37th JP Morgan Healthcare confidence is being held in 2019 at San Francisco. The preparations have begun and companies have started making presentations to gather some good investment in the upcoming conference. All big and small companies working I want the latest biotechnology participates in this conference to get initial investments. Major technologies are related to the latest disease like cancer. Companies film that they have made a special formula which can cure specific diseases. Using the investment these formulas are converted into marketable medicines and profit is shared with investors.

When is the 37th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference?

The 37th edition of JP Morgan Healthcare conference will be a three days long conference. It will be held from 7th January to 10th January 2019. Hence, you should mark these days important and add them to your calendar. Moreover, the conference will take place in San Francisco.

How to register for the Conference?

This conference is applicable only for companies which have been invited officially it by the JP Morgan group. Hence, it is an invitation based conference. To register yourself as a company and attend the conference, you should reach out JP Morgan officials personally and get passes. Moreover, the registrations are closed prior to the conference date. Therefore, there is no onsite registration facility. The conference is open for media, however, there are only a limited number of seats for people from the press.

Glimpse Of Healthcare conference 2018

2018 saw a number of successful investment plans. Reportedly, large shares of investment were made in all the latest companies having Technologies related to gene therapy and immunology. Investors loved those companies which are combining the latest tech discoveries in the biotechnology industry. One of the most famous events in the 2018 version of JP Morgan Healthcare conference is the integration of the latest artificial intelligence technology in the medical industry.

Companies presented various Technologies like artificial intelligence to improve the medication industry and reduce the reliability on hand done surgeries. Additionally, many companies showcased their latest formulas which can possibly cure cancer. The most remarkable presentation was made by a company without the integration of artificial intelligence technology and curing diseases and doing surgeries.

Emerging trends

It has been an observation that a number of trends emerge as a result of the gift Morgan Healthcare confidence. For instance, last year we saw a trend which showcased usage of drones to transport organs for immediate transplants. Moreover, there were a large number of M&A deals in 2017. However, the trend did not follow in 2018. There mostly renewal of M&A deals in 2018. This was mainly because of the introduction of new taxes in the Pharma and biotech industry by the US government.

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Analysts believe that Healthcare conference will give a fresh start to 2019 and we will see a number of these and this session. The 3 days long conference is believed to fetch billions of dollars of investment in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Hence, if you are represented in your company, you should be prepared with your presentations right away. The actual data of investment is not released officially.

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