What’s New In Amazon Prime Video?; The Best Shows In Different Genre!

                 What’s New In Amazon Prime Video?: The Amazon Prime Video service has run into great success since it first started offering free movies and also the TV shows to Prime members years ago. It was once a catalog but it takes many of Hulu and Netflix likes especially when you are in possession of a Fire TV Cube. Amazon now includes all the licensed TV shows and other series which can satisfy almost every fan worldwide. If in case you get confused regarding which upcoming shows you should watch then you can go on to check the list of shows on Amazon with other details. It includes shows of all genre.

Comedy Shows

  • Good Omens

It is a co-production of BBC Studios and Amazon Studios. This six-part of the series adapts the fantasy novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The series includes an angel and demon Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex) and David Tennant (Doctor Who).

  • Comrade Detective

In the 1980s, American pop culture started producing a set of movies based on the anxieties and patriotism of the era. Comrade Detective lifts the aesthetics of 80s actions and filters them through a lens of communists.

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you have a wish to watch a star being born then you should switch yourself to watch Rachel Brosnahan’s work as Miriam “Midge” Maisel on the 1950s-set comedy. Midge is a housewife who adopts her career in stand up comedy after her husband unexpectedly leaves her.

  • Veep 

HBO’s series Veep has the sixth season in the run while the lead actress Julia Louis -Dreyfus have won the Emmy award continuously for the outstanding role every year after the debut in 2012. The seasons of this series are consistently funny.

  • Cheers

This is a sitcom classic which was set in Boston. It basically takes place in a bar named Cheers were a host of zany characters who gathers to work or take up a seat at the bar. It is one of the gold standards of a sitcom. The show has a great powerhouse lineup for the comedians that they all are not only contained in the bar.

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Drama Shows

  • Downton Abbey

It is an exemplary British period drama and it is an examination of all the politics and personal lives of an aristocratic family in British in the early 20th century.

  • Sneaky Pete

It is an original Amazon series which crafts a nail-biting drama out of an intricate case of identity theft. Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) is a conamn recently released from prison who assumes the identity of his former cellmate.

  • Hannibar

It is a psychological thriller which is based on the characters from the best selling Thomas Harris novels. the FBI profiler Will Graham continues the cases to catch out the serial killers while he gets a mental breakdown.

  • The Wire

It is the best reviews cop shows. It casts an unflinching gaze at the war and drugs and its effects in the society. The show has really expanded its outlook with every season. It gradually reveals a city in which everything is interconnected and every action has far-reaching consequences.

Sci-fi, Action, and Thrillers

  • Phillip K.Dick’s Electric Dreams

This show is so far a sci-fi action anthology that is based on stories from sci-fi action writer PhillipK.Dick.  The first season of Electric Dreams explores injectable consciousness, mind readers and also human beings which are replaced by robots.

  • Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the series with a story that revolves around a Time Lord who travels through time and space in his TARDIS.

  • The Expanse

It is a series that turns that a  hypothetical future into a powerhouse sci-fi drama.

  • Black Orphan

It is a critically acclaimed British series that a young woman named Sarah has a chance counter with a woman who just likes her. This makes Sarah understand that she is one of that creature who is meant for the ongoing experiment.

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Kids and Family

  • Shaun the Sheep

In this series, Shaun is basically a sheep who does not follow the herd. Eventually, the sheep are often led in some sorts of madcap Shenanigans around the Mossy Bottom Farm.

  • Tumble Leaf

It is an Amazon heralded foray which is so much into the realms of children’s programming. It is a stunning example of how children show should be.

  • Sesame Street

It is a series in which Sesame Street is a veritable institution. The show has spanned around 45 seasons and has won many awards for the young viewers.

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