How To Watch Hulu On Android TV And Why Isn’t It Really Great?

               How To Watch Hulu On Android TV: Hulu is one of the best on-demand TV streaming services which has proved to be a chord cutoff in many regions of the United States. There are very limited options when you are looking for alternatives to cable TV or Satellite TV. Hulu doesn’t have all the shows of Netflix but is a good cord cutter. The service is supported by all the major platforms. However, there are some limitations which you may face while using Hulu on Android TVs.

Running Hulu on Android TV is a great option because it helps you to get rid of the conventional satellite TV. However, there are a number of limitations which are forcing the users to get back to the satellite TV itself. Hence, we are going to explain to you everything that you need to know about Hulu on Android TV. From downloading to pricing, everything has been explained about the service in details below. So refer to the post if you have any doubt about Hulu for Android TV.

Get Hulu on Android Tv

The very first step to enjoy the service on Android TV is by installing the application on the TV. It is as simple as going to the google play store of Android TV and downloading the Hulu application. The app is completely free to download and you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection in order to do so. Once you have downloaded the application on Android TV, launch it and enjoy the service.

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Account + Pricing

After having installed the application on Android TV, you will need a Hulu account for logging in. If you already have the account, simply activate the device by verifying the one time password sent to you. If not, you will have to select one of the three premium packages and then complete the payment in order to enjoy the service on Android TV.

The three tires are $6 a month for the basic account which does have an advertisement, $12 for the advertisement-free version of the same pack, $45 a month for Hulu + Live TV. It might seem to be a bit expensive but it isn’t if you compare to the conventional satellite connection. However, some channels including HBO are not included in these packages and they have to be purchased separately.

Hulu On Android TV

Hulu on television is a perfect way to cut the satellite channels. However, there are some limitations in the application when it comes to Android TV. We have discussed the things that you can do and the things which you cannot do on Hulu for Android TV below in details. So consider reading the facts given below before jumping and using your credit card to purchase the premium account.

You Can:

  • Log in to Hulu account.
  • Watch, search and Browser the entire on-demand library of the application
  • organizes the watchlist to save all the content which you might want to watch later
  • Watch showtime if you have opted for the premium package.

You Can’t:

  • Watch Live television channels even if you are having Hulu + live TV subscription package.
  • Watch HBO, Cinemax and Starz Premium add-ons.
  • Use the guide while watching the content
  • Login into more than one account at a time
  • Have access to My Stuff feature for organizing all the items.
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Why Are The Features Limited?

It is very disappointing to see that Hulu is running only the classical apps on Android TV. All other platforms like iOS and Apple TV are running the latest apps. There how many numbers of a petition demanding the update of the classical apps on Android TV. However, there seems to be some security concern about the latest version.

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