These Are The Top 5 Reasons To Study In Singapore You Need To Know!

These Are The Top 5 Reasons To Study In Singapore You Need To Know!

             Studying Abroad is relatively getting very popular nowadays. More and more students are emphasising on getting a foreign degree. The United States and other western countries have been the most preferred destination for foreign studies. However, things are changing and destinations are also evolving with time. Singapore has become one of the most popular destinations which are ideal for studying abroad. What are the reasons to Study in Singapore? We have listed down a number of facts which will support the Study in Singapore campaign. Hence, you must go through these points before you select the country where you want to pursue higher education.

A study in Singapore: Reasons & Facts

1. World Class Universities

The Singapore universities are constantly rank among the top 15 destinations around the world for pursuing foreign education. Some famous Singapore universities include the Singapore Technology University and the National University of Singapore. There are both public and private universities in Singapore within campus provisions. Moreover, all the universities have a strong placement history which makes it very favourable for the students who want to apply for a job after completing their studies. Besides, a wide number of courses are offered by these Singapore universities. Hence, the student can choose any field including Technology, business management, sociology, arts, and many others.

2. Cost Effective

The tuition fees of the universities in Singapore are much less compared to the average tuition fees in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and others. The average tuition fees in Singapore universities is around 11000 US dollars. Hence, the students who are looking to pursue their courses at a relatively low cost can select Singapore over the United States and other countries. Moreover, there are some special schemes by the government which helps in further reducing the burden.

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The undergraduate students can serve the Singapore government in order to avail subsidy on the educational expense. Similarly, postgraduate students can sign a memorandum of understanding with the Singapore Government and serve a term of 3 years in order to avail special subsidies.

3. Low Cost Of Living

The cost and standard of living in Singapore is friendly equivalent to that of the United States and other similar countries. However, you can you save on living expense by sharing your room are taking up a hostel room. You will not find many difficulties in finding accommodation at a decent valuation. Moreover, you can directly contact your college or university in order to get accommodation and manage meals and other stuff. Hence, you can consider to Study in Singapore.

4. Earn while you learn

In Singapore, the students can start earning even before they have completed their course. The ministry of manpower in Singapore formats the international students to work for 16 hours a week on a part-time basis. However, the students must check the schedule with their respective universities and get the required permissions before applying for the job. There are plenty of part-time jobs which you can opt for. Once you have completed your undergraduate and postgraduate degree from Singapore, you will get a long term visa which permits you to work on a permanent basis in the companies of Singapore.

5. Beautiful Place

Besides studying, a student locks for the standard of living and the places where we can visit during his vacations. Singapore is one of the most beautiful places with a wide number of tourist destinations. From music bars to nature-friendly places, Singapore has got it all. Moreover, Singapore has ranked among the most tourist attracting destinations around the world. Hence, you can enjoy these places while studying. This is why people should consider studying and Singapore.

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