These Are The 6 Things To Know Before Studying In Australia

These Are The 6 Things To Know Before Studying In Australia

   Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for students looking to study abroad. It has been ranked among the top 10 countries favorable for international studies. Moreover, the high standard of living and quality education attracts students from around the world. Australian is a very friendly country and students will find it easy to study there compared to any other developing nation. However, it is not as easy as most of the students think. You need proper research on this topic. Hence, we have listed down the points which you should keep in mind before you study in Australia. This will give you the insights of the necessary preparations you need to do.

6 Things To Know Before Studying In Australia

1. You need a Students Visa

It is quite obvious that students require a valid visa for studying in any update country. Similarly, you need a visa to study in Australia if you are going to stay there for more than 3 months. If the education period is less than 3 months, you can go to a normal tourist visa. Application for such a visa is given online with all the necessary details required. The visa is sent to your email ID after being prepared. However, the student’s visa in Australia is quite expensive. Hence, you should take a tourist visa, if you are not going to stay there for more than 3 months.

2. You need a Valid Health Insurance

Most students do not know that a health insurance policy should be there for every student. Much international travel insurance may also fulfill the requirement. Hence, you must ask your university clearly if it’s required or not.  This is basically to ensure that you do not run out of money while being in the country at the time of medical emergency.

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3. Time Lag

If you are a US  resident then you will feel a bit uncomfortable in the early days. This is because of the difference in time between the two nations. There is a big time lag between the timing of two nation. Hence, this may disturb your daily routine. By default, the brain is accustomed to a sleep cycle which gets disturbed. Therefore, you should strictly follow a timetable from the very first day.

4. Seasonal Difference

Students who are good at geography might know in that Australia lies on the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the seasons in that region is opposite to that in countries of the Northern hemisphere, as the United States. If its winter in the United State currently, it will be summers in Australia and vice versa. Moreover, you should plan your luggage accordingly. This prevents any additional cost.

5. Australia is expensive

If you are going abroad for studies under a loan scheme, you might try to minimize the cost. Hence, this is a matter of concern for you. Australia is quite expensive. Moreover, two Australian cities, namely Sydney & Melbourne ranked among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. Therefore, you should consider this point and discuss it with your parents and financial planner before taking any step.

6. The grading system is different

The grading system in Australia is quite different from the other parts of the world. Universities follow a unique grading system in which “D” stands for Distinct, which means you have scored quite well. In other parts of the world, “D” probably stands for just pass or very poor performance. The grading system is as follow:

  • HD – Highly Distinction
  • D – Distinction
  • C – Credit
  • P – pass
  • F – fail
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Hence, students should not freak out if they see a “D” on their examination result. If you get that, it means that you have performed quite well in your examination.

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