The Guy Behind The ‘Area 51’ Page Finally Revealed What He’s Created

                  The fun which was started as a joke, titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” has stormed the internet. This event got so much popular that there are 1.6 million people who have been clicked on “Going” and an additional 1.2 million have indicated they’re “Interested” on the event page.

This Facebook event has asked the attendees to fly out to Lincoln Country, Nevada, from where they are supposed to meet up at Area 51 and the make an entrance at 3 am, as per to the event description.

Well, the person behind this event was unknown until he showed up and stepped forward from the shadows.

Matty Roberts, who lives in California, on June 27 has created the Facebook page which was merely a joke. He dint realized that millions of people would rally behind his battle cry to “see them aliens” at the Air Force facility in Nevada.

Well, most of the people (but not all of them) knew the desert congregation which is planned for September 20 was an in-joke, as the page also comprised of instructions like “If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them, aliens.”

Roberts told CNN affiliate KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, “I waited for like three days and there were like 40 people and then it just completely took off out of nowhere. It was pretty wild.”

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Roberts also told KLAS he’d declined interviews as interest shot up for the reason that he thought if he exposed his identity he may possibly have FBI agents showing up at his door.

“I was just like, the FBI’s going to show up at my house and it got a little spooky from there,” he said.

On asking from where he gets this idea, Roberts said that after podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, he came up with this idea for the meme page.

As per to Lazar claims, he has worked with an alien spacecraft while he was working on one of Area 51’s underground facilities.

Area 51 is basically an enormous plot of the desert which is about 80 miles (129 kilometers) northwest of Las Vegas and is a top-secret military installation that is disreputably strictly guarded by various armed “camo dudes”, fences, radars and much more. It’s huge, covering 2.9 million acres (1.2 million hectares) as well as 5,000 square miles (12,950 square km) of restricted airspace.

As the primary purpose of the base still remains classified and its grounds which is strictly restricted to the public, it has generated an atmosphere of mysterious secrecy that has fascinated all manner of skeptics as well as conspiracy theorists for decades. One of the most popular belief is that in Area 51, the US government houses and researches alien technology.

Officially, the base is part of the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), which is allied with Nellis Air Force Base; as per to the Air Force, it is the biggest joint air and ground space for peacetime military procedures in the free world.

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This joke has also initiated various other funny memes regarding the event and also started trolling those who signed up for it.

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