Australia To Shot And Kill Up to 10,000 Camels Amid Australian Wildfires Rage: Report

              Deadly wildfire in Australia has shaken the whole nation as well as the whole world. Amid these deadly blazes wildfires rage across Australia, a new report has been arriving which states that as many as 10,000 camels might be shot and killed after complaints as they are drinking too much water in Australia during a drought.

Authorities in Australia are going to start a five-day campaign in order to kill thousands of camels in the country as they drink too much water during the wildfires.

The government, on the other hand, is going to send helicopters to kill up to 10,000 camels in a five-day campaign which will begin from Wednesday, The Hill reported quoting The Australian.

Officials in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands also stated that they are now going to shoot and kill the animals, as per to a bulletin posted on social media.

The officials said that “extremely large groups of camels and other feral animals… are putting pressure on the remote Aboriginal communities in the APY Lands.” therefore, the camels are threatening their communities, consuming food and water.

Marita Baker, who is an Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) executive board member, also stated that the camels were creating problems in her community of Kanypi.

She also stated, “We have been stuck in stinking hot and uncomfortable conditions, feeling unwell, because the camels are coming in and knocking down fences, getting in around the houses and trying to get to water through air conditioners,”

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As per the Australian Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie, the wildfires are disturbing the nation’s livestock.

She told the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, “I’ve got 100 vets across the country I’ve offered to state [agriculture] ministers. I know South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales will be taking up that offer to get that assistance as soon as possible—to not just assess the health, but these teams will also be euthanizing stock.”

The camels are “destroying the country and eating all the Anangu food supplies, endangering travelers on the Stuart Highway and on the” Aboriginal lands, officials said.

“With the current ongoing dry conditions the large camel congregations threatening the APY communities and infrastructure, camel control is needed,” the statement said. The statement further added that the feral animals and camels have been identified.

Deadly wildfire in Australia has shaken the whole nation as well as the whole world. Amid these deadly blazes wildfires rage across Australia, a new report has been arriving

APY Lands manager Richard King told CBS News that there will be between 5,000 and 10,000 camels which are going to be targeted in the cull.

“This number is only 1 percent of what is currently destroying the fragile Australian [fauna] and flora,” he told the broadcaster on Tuesday.

The decision of killing the camels comes at a time the country is ravaged by wildfires since the month of November. This has created a lot of disaster in the nation, killing so many wildlife animals and more than a dozen people other than that it has also caused the displacement or deaths of 480 million animals, as per to University of Sydney researchers.

In addition to that, Australia’s National Feral Camel Management Plan assessed that more than 1 million wild camels inhabit Australia. The number might possibly double in the next decade if the population isn’t managed accordingly.

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