Police Re-opens Case After Family’s Disneyland Fight Goes Viral

                   A California family can soon land up in legal trouble for creating nuisance at the public place in Hong Kong. The police had to reopen the case and start an investigation of the video of the fight at Disneyland goes viral on social media.

The footage that was uploaded on YouTube grabbed instant attention of the people on various social media platforms and it went viral. The video shows a brother and sister fighting in Disneyland. It started with spitting on each other and soon became violent. Other family members also got involved in a violent incident.

Police were originally called on Saturday to investigate on this matter. Anaheim Police stated that the fight initially started between a brother and sister and son got escalated with other family members getting involved in the matter. It lasted for quite some time until the security forces came into action.

The fight caused a public nuisance in Disneyland. The entire incident was caught on the CCTV footage and there are plenty of witnesses as well. Family members cried stopband the siblings from fighting but it was of no use. Other visitors of Disneyland also tried to cool off the matter but it seemed that the suggestions were short lived.

They stop fighting for a few seconds but it got re-escalated in another second. The spokesperson said that any public nuisance will not be tolerated and legal actions will be taken against the offenders. He added that an investigation is going on and the culprits will be handed over to the Lehman police department.

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It all started with the girls putting on her brother which was followed by a series of events like hair pulling, slaps and punches. The event lasted for 5 minutes and there were instances when the other visitors tried to cool them down but it seemed that they were not willing to de-escalate the matter.

The police arrived at the venue on Saturday. However, the family chose not to face the police and escaped from the venue. But the footage and other evidence have been taken by the police and they are considering legal actions against the family. It reportedly took place at Mickey’s Toontown.

Police Re-opens Case After Family's Disneyland Fight Goes Viral

At the time of incidence, officers declined to take the matter ahead because of the lack of cooperation from the family. However, the case is reopened and the investigation is in progress after the video has gone viral on YouTube and other social media platforms.

They said that they are closely working with the prosecutors to find out the charges which will be filed against the family. He added that search incidences at public places are inexcusable and intolerant. Therefore, legal actions will be taken against the family to ensure that no such incident takes place in the future.

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