Saudi Arabia Lifting Entry Restrictions Gradually In September 2020

Saudi Arabia Lifting Entry Restrictions: KSA has opened entry for expatriates but it is on a limited basis. Because the danger of Covid19 is still existing in KSA. Many people facing high fares by airlines due to rush So I will advise people to stay away from the rush.

If you have a valid iqama and it is not going to expire soon then there is no issue in going after a bit time.

According to a report, the Fares increased 80% after the entry ban lift in KSA.

Saudi Arabia Lifting Entry Restrictions

Covid19 Numbers Decreasing

Then the major reason for ban lifting by KSA Govt is decreased in Covid19 numbers on daily basis. It is good news for Saudi Arabia economy as well as citizens. If the same situation goes on, then Saudi Arabia will be in Covid19 Safe countries list soon.

I think Saudi Arabia should learn from Pakistan and New Zealand to take control of Cases.

As we know Saudi Arabia has the biggest number of Expatriates in the world so there is more risk of transfer of virus because a lot of expat either enter or leave the country on daily basis.

Saudi Arabia Lifting Entry Restrictions


Another news we have to listen is about lifting the complete ban on medical staff entry to KSA. It is a great and bold initiative by govt because medical staff is always imported by KSA. So, in these emergency situations, there was a great need for doctors and nurses in the country.

I hope there will be enough medical staff available in KSA to control current covid19 situations, after lifting the ban.

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Muhammad bin Salman is a visionary leader and famous due to his bold decisions. So, we can expect that these recent decisions about expats will help the country on a broader level.

Oil prices Stability

As the world is opening slowly so we can see stability in oil products It will also help Saudi Arabia to grow again towards a stable economy.

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