Study In Ireland: Here Are Few Facts You Need To Know Right Now!

Study In Ireland: Here Are Few Facts You Need To Know Right Now!

       Studying abroad is a dream come true for many students. However, choosing a particular place for studying abroad is very difficult. It may so happen that you have got admission to a popular University in Ireland and you are searching the internet to find out if it is really worth studying in a place like Ireland. There are a number of questions going around in the mind when a person thinks if he should study in Ireland or not. Hence, we have listed down few things which you should keep in mind before you study in Ireland.

Things to know before you Study in Ireland

1. It is the Land of Mystery

Ireland is very popular for its scenic beauty and natural attraction. People who love nature love Ireland. This is because of the amazing cliffs and natural beauty that you will find in Ireland. Hence, who would miss the opportunity to study in a place like Ireland which is so popular for its natural beauty.

2. Irish love Americans

There is a common misconception among the students studying in Ireland. They think that Americans and Europeans do not like each other. However, this is not at all the case here. European, particularly Irish people love Americans. Hence, you should never hide your nationality. Rather you should be frank and communicate with everyone while you study in Ireland.

3. Go Slow and Steady

Life in Ireland is slow and peaceful. Unlike developed and developing Nations, Ireland is slow and people enjoy every movement of life. In other countries there is competition and everyone wants to be ahead. However, in Ireland, people want to be together and enjoy every moment of nature. Hence, you will enjoy a lot when you study in Ireland.

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4. Clear English Proficiency Test

In order to secure admission in any university in Ireland, you will have to clear the English proficiency test like IELTS. It is one of the most famous English proficiency tests which is accepted by almost all the universities of Ireland. Hence, you must appear for the examination and clear it to secure admission.

5. Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are flexible and not very very expensive compared to other countries like the USA and Australia. Moreover, you can apply for tuition Fees waiver if you are a resident of Ireland. Additionally, there are some sponsorships available for foreign students. Hence, you can apply for a merit-based scholarship for getting a reduction in your tuition fees.

6. Research

Ireland is very famous for its research studies. If you aspire to become a researcher, go to the universities of Ireland. This is mainly because Ireland is among the top countries which provide research materials and updates regularly. Hence, it is an amazing place for all the researchers.

7. Experience

Just like any other foreign university, you will get a lot of experience from the people of different culture and background. Ireland is an attractive destination for foreign students. Hence, you can expect your classmates to be from different countries. This will give you a good opportunity for building an open network of friends from different countries and get to know the culture. The long run, it will help you in many other things as well.

8. Visa

Just like any other foreign country, you will require a student’s visa. You can apply for this visa online. Additionally, if you are planning to work in Ireland, you will have to clear multiple examinations and get a working visa. However, there is no need to get a working visa if you are planning to do a part-time job along with your studies. Overall, studying in Ireland is fun.

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