SteemHunt Review: How You Can Earn Money Using It?

SteemHunt Review: How You Can Earn Money Using It?

   SteemHunt is a new kind of decentralized app launched on the steamIt platform. It uses the blockchain technology and other logarithms to determine the best product on its platform. Depending on this algorithm, the users are paid a significant amount. However, many people don’t understand exactly what SteemHunt is. Hence, we are posting a SteemHunt review to explain what exactly SteemHunt is, and how can you make money using it. You might have the knowledge of decentralized apps also frequently known as Dapps. These apps are launched on the steam platform and help users earn some pocket money.

SteemHunt Review

What Is SteemHunt?

Developed on the same line as ProductHunt, SteemHunt helps product researchers to come across the latest and hot products in the market. The uses of this application are called hunters. The hunters and list their product while others can a port or comment on someone’s post. It is somewhat similar to a social media platform. Moreover, you will get paid for listing products as well as comment in and voting for them.


The very first requirement is having a SteemIt ID. SteemIt is somewhat like a Google authenticator which gives you a key to login into some services. You can use the key to login into many Steem services.

  • Now visit the SteamHunt website.
  • Click on the Signup button
  • fill in your details like mobile number and username
  • then click on proceed
  •  thereafter, you will receive a confirmation SMS code on your mobile number
  • enter the code and click on confirm
  • after that click on  proceed
  • Know the password of your account will be displayed on the screen.
  • Copy this password and store it in a safe place.
  • Now login using the details
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Copying the password is a crucial step because SteemHunt will never display this password again and also you cannot retrieve your password in case it is lost.

How to earn money using SteemHunt?

In this SteemHunt review, we have tried to explain you the process using which SteemHunt Pays you. At first, you have to list the product and its website using the below-mentioned steps. The product should be something new and related to technology. It should also meet the guidelines of SteemHunt. Hence, before listing your product you should go through the guidelines. The product you going to add can be from an online platform.

Once you list the product, it is submitted for approval by a moderator. Once approved, your product is live on this SteemHunt application. Your holding depends upon the number of airports you receive. Other hunters who view your product, votes depending upon the factors like new technology in the products. However, the amount per vote is not specified. If a big hunter votes you, the amount received is much more compared to a new hunter.

You also get paid for voting and commenting on other’s post. However, the exact mechanism and logarithm of payment are not known by anyone. In this SteamHunt review, we happy few explained the calculations and the ways you can earn using SteamHunt.

Steps to add your first product

  • Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard of your account.
  • On the dashboard, you will find a + symbol.
  • Click on the at the symbol and you will take into the add product page
  • There you will see a number of fields where you have to enter the name of the product and add a suitable description along with the picture
  • the description of the product needs not to be lengthy, but you have to mention what exactly does that product do in order to get maximum upvotes.
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Also, do not forget to add attractive images which will help you get some upvotes and indirectly some good money.

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