Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq: Which Is The Best Flagship Device?

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq: Which Is The Best Flagship Device?

              The year has just started and we have seen the launch of a pool of smartphones already. Mobile World Congress 2019 was the first Tech event of 2019 which saw hundreds of Smartphones in just 3 days. The lineup includes many flagship devices from various companies. Similarly, Samsung and LG came up with their flagship models at MWC 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 thinq were two smartphones which conquered the headlines of most tech-related news websites. So which one do you think he is better this 2019? We have compared Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq to find out which is the best flagship device of 2019 as of now.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq


Both the devices are quite similar when you look at them from a distance. Both have a glass coated back which looks premium and have steep curves at all the corners. Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S10 and LG G8 both have triple lens camera setup horizontally. Moreover, both the smartphones have a 6.1 inches display. However, there is a difference in the display models. Samsung Galaxy S10 has adopted the latest infinity o display which has a front-facing camera in the punch hole. On the other hand, LG G8 thinq has a conventional notch display. In terms of the fingerprint sensor, Samsung Galaxy S10 has shifted it inside the screen compared to the sensor found on the rear side of G8 Thinq.


This is another segment when you will find a neck to neck fight on the paper. However, the dynamic AMOLED display of Samsung Galaxy S10 is amazing and displays vibrant colors. There is no compromise in the brightness part too. LG has used the crystal OLED display on the G8 which is good but not at par with the display found on the Samsung Galaxy S10. We are all aware of the fact that Samsung has a specialty of developing amazing screens. Hence, the Samsung Galaxy S10 wins in this segment too.


Both the devices are powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which is currently the most powerful processor for smartphones. However, neither of the devices can run the latest 5G network. You will have to check out the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G  and LG V50 Thinq for 5G. The Galaxy S10 has an edge over G8 because of the higher 8GB RAM compared to the 6gb RAM found on the G8 thinq. Besides, both the devices have 128 GB of storage space and are expandable up to 512gb. However, we do not expect much difference in the performance because of the RAM.


Samsung Galaxy S10 has a triple lens camera setup which has 12 + 12 + 16 megapixels capability. It has a variable aperture, telephoto lens, and Ultrawide lens. Hence, the camera specification of the device is amazing and it will help you and capturing some amazing shots. LG G8 Thinq also has the same camera specification. However, the telephoto lens will be launched in limited markets only. Hence, Samsung Galaxy S10 is the clear winner in this segment as well.

Price & Availability

Samsung Galaxy S10 is currently available for pre-order. The delivery is scheduled for 8 March 2019 and the price is starting from $900. On the other hand, there is no official statement about the release of LG G8 thinq. We expect the price range of $800-850 for this device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq: Conclusion

In our comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G8 Thinq, we found out that both the devices are nearly the on paper. However, Samsung Galaxy S10 is clearly the winner keeping in mind the higher Ram and the flawless display. Moreover, brand loyalty has always been in favour of Samsung compared to that of LG. Hence, will declare Samsung Galaxy S10 as the winner in this comparison of the best flagship smartphone of 2019.

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