LG G8 Thinq: All Leaks And Rumors At One Place; Check Specs & Price!

LG G8 Thinq Leaks Speces & Prices

Mobile World Congress 2019 is just a few days away and the number of smartphones to be launched in this event is still adding to the list. it is going to be one of the best years for MWC because almost each and every smartphone manufacturer is going to launch a premium device from their side. Moreover, there have been used that some unique tech innovations might be seen in many smartphones on the stage. Similarly, now comes the LG G8 Thinq. LG has announced the launch of LG G8 thinq smartphone at MWC 2019. Below are all the leaks and rumours about the smartphone.

LG G8 Thinq: Leaks & Rumours


LG G8 Thinq’s design is a combination of its predecessor and the LG V40 smartphones. The leaked images of the smartphone show that it has a notch display and very thin bezels around the screen. The rear side consists of 2 cameras and a single LED flashlight along with the fingerprint sensor. Additionally, there is model labelling on the centre of the rear side. Overall, the smartphone looks quite good.

Special Leaks & Rumours

the most essential feature of the LG flagship smartphone is that it will not have a conventional speaker. LG has announced the first-of-its-kind speaker for this flagship smart device. The entire OLED screen of the smartphone will be a speaker. The screen vibrations will be responsible for producing the sound and like a dedicated speaker at the bottom of the smartphone. This is something incredible and new in the smartphone industry. A similar feature is available on some LG televisions, however, it is absolutely new for the smartphone industry.

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It would be really amazing to keep an eye on the event and smartphone because everyone wants to know how the speaker will work while playing games. This is because most people think that fingers touching the screen while playing the game will cancel the vibrations of the speaker. Moreover, the speaker will help in amazing sound quality. Besides, the smartphone will be having a 3D depth camera. Additionally, LG G8 thinq will have a USB type C charging port and will support quick charge Technology. This is all we know as of now and the thread will be updated as the new information starts coming in.

Price Range & Release Date

The LG G8 thinq is going to be a flagship smartphone of the company. Hence, it is expected that the smartphone will be launched in a flagship range which will compete with other flagship smartphones like OnePlus. Moreover, it is expected that the price range will be made competitive to enhance the sale of this particular model. LG G8 will be launched in the Mobile World Congress 2019. The event is scheduled to take place at the end of February 2019. Hence, you can expect the flagship LG smartphone earliest at the MWC 2019.

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