Bumble App Review: Is It The Best Dating App On Internet?

Bumble App Review: Is It The Best Dating App On Internet?

                     Bumble App Review: Internet has got some amazing features and who would have thought a decade ago that you can find apps which will help you in finding a partner. Dating apps have become really popular in the last decade and teenagers nowadays are actively using these applications to find friends and date. It is an amazing model to connect people to each other. Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps available on the PlayStore and App store. We how come up with a detailed review of this amazing application. So read the complete Bumble app review below.

Bumble App Review

Bumble is the second most popular dating app after Tinder. Tinder is precisely the most popular dating app as it was launched long back. Whereas, Bumble was launched in 2015. The unique dating concept of this app has taken it to the stage where it is today. It is a great app with a lot of new features and some of which are unique.

Bumble App Features

There are a lot of features in the updated Bumble app. The new feature makes it far better than its peers. Perhaps, the greatest feature is that a girl will never have a problem. There are some problems which a girl faces on any social media app. Constant spam messages is that major problem. There are some creepy boys out there who keep on texting girls on various apps, Same is the case on tinder. Hence, Bumble has come up with a revolutionary idea to solve this spam problem.

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In Bumble male users cannot send a message first. This is probably the only app on the internet which has got such a Feature. So no more spam for girls. It is a decent feature but the use is debatable. Because there are rarely any girls who send a message first. Therefore, most match goes unanswered. However, the matches that do happen are always genuine. So if you are looking for such an app, it’s great. Moreover, the data suggests that 60% matches result in a conversation. Hence, the success rate of getting a date is quite hight at Bumble. Demographic of the app is also at par. There is an equal number of male and female users on the app.

Bumble App Cons

Overall the app is great but it does have some cons. For example, security for girls might result in too less conversation. All requests may go unmatched. The simple reason being that girls never prefer texting firsts. Hence, it turns out to be a disadvantage sometimes. Tinder allows both side texting. You can read the complete comparison of Bumble vs tinder. The 24 hours deadline is the worst thing. If she doesn’t text you back in 24 hours, the match won’t happen.

There are a few other cons as well. The limited number of filters available while searching for a match is problematic. Tinder and other dating websites have a lot of parameters which will help you to get the exact kind of people you are searching for. Hence, finding the exact kind of people is a bit problematic in Bumble and you will have to spend more time surfing and swiping.

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Bumble App Conclusion

Bumble app is a great dating app and has got a lot of unique features. Even after having some cons, the app is great and it will get you a genuine date. The best strategy to find a date is having an account on all the dating apps and websites. This will increase the probability of you getting matched. If you need to select one, go for tinder or Bumble.

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