Here Are The 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android And iOS!

Here Are The 5 Best Podcast Apps For Android And iOS!

       The podcast has become a very easy way to listen to multiple songs and tracks at a time. They are basically a single file containing a number of music tracks in it and can be easily downloaded by any application or website. The podcast was basically introduced when Apple launched the iPod. This voice when the entire concept of listening to music was changed into a different theme. However, finding good podcasts today is somewhat difficult for most users. However, they are not aware of some amazing applications which provide a good collection of latest and trending Podcasts. Below is the list of best Podcast Apps which you can use for listening to them.

Best Podcast Apps

1. Google Podcast

The very first application which we consider to be the best is the Google podcast. Earlier, the podcast was found in a section of the Google Play Music application which was present by default on all Android smartphones. However, a completely separate application, named Google podcast was introduced keeping in mind the huge podcast fan base. You will find all the latest and trending podcasts here on this application. Hence, we have added this app on the very first place in a list of best podcast apps. The best part about this application is that it is completely free of cost.

2. Cashbox

Cashbox is one of the most awarded as a best-rated application for listening and downloading podcasts on smartphones. It has won a number of awards from Google and has made an image of the best podcast app in the sphere. Moreover, the entire application is divided into a number of supports which includes titles containing famous trending and on-demand playlist. Additionally, the user interface of this application is very simple and intuitive. However, the only downside of this application is that you have to pay a $1/month subscription charge.

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3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts are one of the most famous application in this segment. It has got a lot of features and fulfills almost all the criteria of the best podcast app. It has more than 200000 podcasts which you can access any time on any platform. Additionally, it has a web player which makes the usage very convenient for the users. However, you will have to pay a good sum in order to use this application. The monthly subscription costs around $4. However, it is completely worth the money you spend on this application.

4. Overcast

This is one of the best podcast application which is exclusively available only for iOS users. Overcast is purely designed for idevices and has a plain and simple look. Additionally, you will find a good collection of the podcast on this application. You can listen to all the collection free of cost, however, you will have to watch several advertisements across the app. In case you don’t want to watch these advertisements, you can switch to the premium version by paying $10/month. Moreover, the app is supported by the Apple watch, hence, you can control the application directly from the watch and enjoy your favorite content.

5. Stitcher Radio

This is another addition to our list of best Podcast apps. We have added this application because of the amazing features it offers to the users. Moreover, the app is completely free of cost and can be used on both Android and IOS devices. It also supports Alexa integration for listening to podcasts on your Alexa device. You can make your own playlist and subscribe to the favorite episodes. Moreover, the notification system will notify all the latest episodes which are added after you subscribe them. Hence, you can download this application for a better experience for free.

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