Mobile World Congress 2019: What Should You Expect?

           Mobile World Congress 2019 is just a few days away and excitement is already at its peak. MWC has always been amazing and exciting. However, the Mobile World Congress 2019 is going to be huge in terms of the revolutionary Technologies that will be unfolded here. Almost all the Smartphone manufacturers have some or the other device lined up for lunch at this event. From LG to Xiaomi all big tech players are coming with their flagship devices. We have covered each and every device which is going to come up during this event. This is a round-up post which contains some devices that are going to be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

What To Expect At MWC 2019

1. LG Devices

LG is going to launch to premium devices at MWC 2019. The flagship model of LG, LG G8 Thinq has been in used for quite a time now and is expected to be launched at this big event. Besides, 5G V50 Thinq is also expected. However, there is less possibility of the 5G version at this time. LG G8 thing is going to be an amazing Smartphone and we will have to keep a track on this device because of some incredible features. It is strongly expected that LG will be using the first of its kind screen speakers in this device. You can read the entire post on LG G8 thinq here.

2. Foldable Smartphones

This is one of the most interesting devices which is going to be the showstopper of Mobile World Congress 2019. Energizer, the leading battery manufacturer has announced 26 smartphones to be launched and this event. Among these amazing smartphones, one will be having a foldable screen. Hence, it is going to be really interesting. Moreover, some other models in this line up will have big batteries to boost the day to day performance. Here is all you need to know about the new Energizer Smartphones.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s latest addition to the flagship S series is going to be live in MWC 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10 is all set to make a global launch, after the launch ceremony. There have been many rumours about the specifications of the smartphone. We expect super flagship specifications and design on this Smartphone. Moreover, it will be powered by the Mali GPU which will further enhance the gaming and user experience. There are expected leaf 3 models of Samsung Galaxy S10 which will be launched in the next week. Get all details related to Samsung Galaxy S10.

4. Nokia 9 Penta Lens Camera

Nokia’s flagship, Nokia 9 PureView will be coming up at the MWC 2019. The Penta lens camera setup on this device is completely unique. It will be one of the first smartphones to come up with a Penta lens camera setup. Hence, we will be having a great time in tracking and reviewing the camera of this device. Moreover, we expect the device to be powered by the Snapdragon 845 or 855 processor. However, we do not think that 5G will be making a debut with this smartphone. Here is the complete post on Nokia 9 PureView.

5. The Showstopper

5G is going to be the most significant and important topic that is to be discussed in this event. It would be worth keeping a track on all the companies which will be making announcements related to their 5G project. You might be aware of the fact that the entire Smartphone and telecom industry is running after the 5G network. Hence, we would get a glimpse of the winner in this race. Till then, you can check the progress of all the famous smartphone manufacturers on the 5G front.

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