Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X: Which Is The Best Folding Device?

               Smartphones have become brighter and bigger with time. It is one industry which never stops at a particular point. New innovations are the reason which drives growth and sales. For customers, smartphones have become a matter of lifestyle. Hence, the companies are driven by the passion to serve you better. A few years ago, no one ever imagined that we are going to see foldable smartphones. But change is the only thing which is constant and we are finally in the stage where the folding smartphones have become a reality. In this post, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy fold vs Huawei Mate X.

Huawei Mate X is the latest foldable smartphone which was launched at MWC 2019. Samsung Galaxy Fold has not been officially launched yet but there is some information in that we are going to share with you. Both smartphones are practically not available currently for testing and reviewing. However, we have compared all the specifications and designs we got on the paper. So let us compare Samsung Galaxy fold vs Huawei Mate X and find out which one is the better foldable device.

Samsung Galaxy fold vs Huawei Mate X


The foldable display found on both the devices are completely different. Huawei Mate X is similar to a book which folds like a book, i.e from the center. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy fold has a slightly rightward folding screen. The initial side of the screen has the infinity display along with a camera. Whereas, the Huawei Mate X allows you to fold either side in order to access the front or rear facing camera. Huawei Mate X seems to be more realistic with the foldable approach. Hence, it is the better choice if we go by the looks.

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The Samsung Galaxy fold has a 4.6 inches screen when the device is folded and a 7.3 inches screen when the device is unfolded. Similarly, Huawei Mate X has a 6.3 inches initial display and 8 inches display when the device is unfolded. However, the size varies by a few inches depending upon the side you choose to fold it. Both the devices have similar resolution and nearly the same pixel density. Moreover, both Samsung Galaxy fold and Huawei Mate X have AMOLED screens. However, the screen found on Samsung Galaxy fold is believed to be slightly better because of the top quality screens produced by Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy fold is powered by the latest and powerful Snapdragon 855 processor with an unknown chip. It is revealed that the Samsung Galaxy folder will be having a 7NM chipset. It is similar to that found on Samsung Galaxy S10. This goes against the Kirin 980 processor used on the Huawei mate X. Both the processors are equally sharp and powerful. However, the benchmarks suggest that Snapdragon 855 is slightly more powerful and will, therefore, be a better choice for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy fold has a 12 GB RAM, while, Mate X has an 8GB ram. The high Ram is required because of the dual screen functioning at the same time. Both of them have 512 GB of storage space. Moreover, the battery capacity is also somewhat similar on both the devices. However, the supercharge facility is available practically on Huawei Mate X. It can fully charge the device in less than 45 minutes. Whereas, Samsung has used the conventional Qualcomm quick charge 2.0. Hence, you will have to wait for a longer time on the Samsung galaxy fold.

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Samsung Galaxy fold vs Huawei Mate X: Conclusion

In our comparison, we found out that Huawei Mate X is a better option as of now. The opinion might change when the original smartphones are given for testing and reviewing. However, the design and overall performance of Mate X seems more appealing.

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