PM Narendra Modi Movie Reviews, Audience Response, Box Office Collection Of Opening Day

PM Narendra Modi Movie Reviews, Audience Response, Box Office Collection Of Opening Day

                 PM Narendra Modi Movie Reviews, Audience Response, Box Office Collection: After a lot of controversies and wait, Vivek Oberoi’s PM Narendra Modi biopic has finally released at the box office on Friday after being delayed for almost than a month. Directed by Omung Kumar, the film was shifted from its original release date due to the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

After a couple of unsuccessful years, Vivek Oberoi is back with a bang. Without a doubt, Vivek Oberoi could not have asked for a better comeback to Bollywood by this movie.

Well, the movie itself is a bang as it is a biopic of that person who swept out most of the major parties in India and won the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 with a historic victory. Yes, you guessed it right, he’s none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In an interview, the producer of the movie, Sandip Singh after the release of the movie, said, “We are just here to tell the story of a man who has inspired us. He comes from nowhere – he was a chaiwala and he became a prime minister of a nation with a population of 125 crores. He is one of the biggest brands in the world. Modi’s story is the reason why we are making this film,” he said.

Well, we all know the story of PM Modi and his struggles, who fought his way from selling tea in train compartments to becoming the Prime Minister of India. We can already guess the power of the story but is this powerful story presented well in this movie or not? Is this movie is going to attract a lot of viewers or not? Let’s just find out…..

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About the Movie

PM Narendra Modi is a 2019 Indian biographical film which is directed by Omung Kumar and mutually produced by Suresh Oberoi, Sandip Singh, and Anand Pandit.

The film is fully based on the life of Narendra Modi, who is the 14th Prime Minister of India as well as one of the strongest Prime Ministers in India so far. With his inspirational personality, he has won the hearts of most of the people in India as well as outside India.

The movie stars Vivek Oberoi in the lead role who is also ascribed as co-writer of the film. The first look of the movie was released on 7th January 2019 and the film made its theatrical release in India on 24 May 2019.

 “PM Narendra Modi” Box Office Collection: Friday

PM Narendra Modi on Friday had a half-hearted start in the morning, but after a few hours have picked up the speed and Day 1 showed some progress. Evening shows witnessed better occupancy and the overall box office collection of PM Narendra Modi on Friday (Opening Day) leads to ₹ 2.88 cr.

“PM Narendra Modi” Plot

This film is the stirring saga of a man, a politician, a leader and a visionary – the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodar Das Modi. The movie marks the 64 years epic journey of PM Modi, from miserable poverty, selling tea on a railway station as a chaiwala (tea seller) to turning out to be the Leader of the world`s largest democracy. The film “PM Narendra Modi” is the shining symbol of the victory of a common man.

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“PM Narendra Modi”: Positive Points

The directional work of the movie is good.

The story of the film is very strong and powerful as well as gives an inspirational message to the general public.

Production work is fine in the movie.

“PM Narendra Modi”: Negative Points

The editing of the movie is weak

Average cinematography work

Background score is average in the movie.

Final Verdict-

Well, the movie has received generally negative reviews from critics, who termed it a hagiography as well as criticized Oberoi’s performance. But seeing on the other side, the movie has already attracted a lot of controversies due to which it has made it reach to a vast number of people. Even though after getting negative reviews, the movie PM Narendra Modi is going to be a great hit for sure.

Yes, there are some negative points in the movie but on the other hand, it has a great story of an Inspirational man. Other than that the movie is also having several good points so, overall PM Narendra Modi is a must watch the film and the viewers will surely like the movie.

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