America’s Got Talent: Who Made It Through Night 2 Of Judge Cuts In AGT 2019

                 The AGT’s Judge cuts will carry on tonight’s episode which will airs at 8/7c on NBC.
the second night is going to see the successful acts from the audition part return with the courage of astounding the judges as well as the audience, in order to make through to the season 14 live rounds.

The episode synopsis also reads “Former professional basketball player Dwyane Wade guest judges and gets the opportunity to send an act directly to the live shows with a Golden Buzzer; contestants have one last chance to impress the judges before going live for America’s vote.”

Well, if you don’t want to know who made it through during the Judge Cuts 2 episode of the season 14th of America’s Got Talent, then don’t read ahead of this because you will get the spoilers below. So, here is what happened on the second night of judge cuts.

The following performers are those who made it through tonight’s episode and these are as follows:

Bir Khalsa, G-Force, Dom Chambers, Alex Dowis, V. Unbeatable, Robert Finley and Ryan Niemiller

To know more here’s the full recap of the show….

At 8:15, the first act started the 2nd night with breath-taking Bir Khalsa performance. Their trio members shocked the judges as well as the audience with their dangerous performance. Guest judge, Wade calls their act “entertaining and unique.” Union chimes in, saying that they’re awesome in a “freaky deaky way.” The act comprises of smashing coconuts on each other’s foreheads while being blindfolded, balancing atop a razor-sharp sword and much more.

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At 8:25, the second performance was given by G-Force. These amazing girl group started their performance by singing a song named “Simon Says,” in hopes of gaining the attention of judge Simon Cowell. They all danced, rapped while the audience were seen enjoying their act. While Simon and Dwayne both love them, Howie Mandell on the other hand, was less than delighted and said that he doesn’t think they’re good enough to make it through to the following round.

At 8:30, Olivia Calderon gave the third act of the 2nd night. Though she promised to win everyone’s heart with her amazing singing nothing goes with her act as the judges stopped her performance in middle. Dwayne said to her that it “wasn’t his thing.”

At 8:35, the next performer taking the stage was magician Dom Chambers. With his amazing and magical performance, Dom amazed everyone present that night whether its audience or judges. At first, he hands judge Julianne Hough a list of cocktails and asks her to circle one of them without showing him. He then moved forward to Howie asking him to select a card out of a deck. After some fascinating chit-chat, he then finally pulls a card directly out of his phone which was exactly Howie’s card. After at the end he concluded his act by pouring a Tequila sunrise out of his phone and gives it to Julianne, the one which she has circled in the list. Dwayne after seeing the act said that it was the best magic he has ever seen.

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At 8:45, is the next contestant was Lamont Landers to sing a song. If you remember his audition, he was made to come back and sing again by the Simon. After having a bumpy audition, Lamont on the 2nd night performed “Walk Me Home,” which goes pretty well with the judges expect Julianne who felt Landers was a bit pitchy.

At 8:55, the acts of Adaline Bates, Matt Ricardo and Gingzilla don’t get any real screen time, so it was obviously expected that their acts didn’t please much to the judges and audience.

At 9:00, the act leaving a big impression on both judges and audience was up on stage and that act was none other than performed by Alex Dowis, who painted a portrait of President John F. Kennedy using digital screen art. Judges were very impressed, Dwyane calls him an “emotional storyteller”, while Simon says that he got “goosebumps on [his] goosebumps.”

At 9:15, the next action might be the best act in 2nd night as it got Golden Buzzer. Yes, you heard it right, V. Unbeatable, a dance group from India gave an emotional but strong performance which they have put forward in order to honor their friend Vikas, who passed away during a stunt six years ago. The judges were left speechless after seeing the dazzling acrobatic performance by the group. Dwyane said that his heart is beating at a rapid pace that he has never felt it before. He before hitting the Golden Buzzer said, “Today, on this stage, this is your house,” V. Unbeatable are now directed to the finals!

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At 9:30, Izzy and Easton along with ADEM Show didn’t impress the judges and gets cut short. Verba Shadow, on the other hand, regains the show’s momentum with their shadow dance through movement and light.

At 9:40, the 65 years old singer, Robert Finley gave an amazing performance by singing the original composition titled “Medicine Woman”. Despite being blind, Robert spread smiles on everyone face and dazzle the audience.

At 9:45, Duo Fusion impressed the judges with their acrobatic act and flexibility. Valerie Sassyfrass then took the stage up next and sings about being horny and getting crazy, which judges don’t like and many of the judges give her the dreaded red X.

At 9:50, Ryan Niemiller performed the last act of the night. The comedian who doesn’t have both of his arms, jokes about his disability, and his rough childhood. The judges were quite happy with his performance and gave him positive reviews.

At 10:00, the judges took the decision and eliminate Adaline Bates, Valerie Sassyfras, Mat Ricardo, Olivia Calderon, ADEM Show, Verba Shadow, Izzy and Easton, Gingzilla, Duo Fusion, Michael Paul and Lamont Landers.

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