Aquaman Grossed $940 Million & “Escape Room” opened up with $18 Million!

Escape Room box office collection

    As you all might know that the DCU was always behind when it comes to the collecting box office money and appreciation. We think that this time they have passed that step. Yes! You are reading it right Aquaman has grossed $940 Million at the box office and made some new records. We think that the movie is going to make you all amazed because of the good content it has. It became the highest grossing worldwide release in the DC Extended Universe.

On the other hand, this weekend “Escape Room” has released and doing good business. It is a horror thriller movie with a good surprise, suspense, and adventure. We think that the beginning of the year is fertile ground for horror film debuts. We have high expectations for the “Escape Room” but at the same time we think that the other releases are going to make enough bucks at the box office. WB and DC Comics’s Aquaman is the #1 film at the domestic weekend box office for the third straight weekend.

Aquaman Box Office Collection-

You all should know that the movie has really pulled over the Wonder Woman’s performance after 16 days in release. Also, the respect DC has lost with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and other few films got it back.  Some reports are suggesting that the Aquaman will most likely follow suit and, it will make #1 at the box office next weekend or this upcoming weekend too. In short, you all can say that the DCEU has secure the top spot four weekends in a row.

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Some reports are suggesting that the Aquaman added another $56.2 million this weekend from 79 markets for a running overseas. Also, the movie surpassed global tally surpassing $940 million. You all should know that the Aquaman is leading overseas market is China with $282.8 million, nearly $250 million more than South Korea with $35.3 million. Also, you all should remember that the film will release on 8 February in Japan and it will make amazing bucks for the makers there again.

Escape Room Box Office Collection-

Now, if we talk about the Sony’s Escape Room then we can say that it is riding in the second phase. Also, the movie made around $18 million. You all should know that the movie has a very normal budget which is around $9 million. We expect the film to top $40-45 million for its domestic run with Universal box office worldwide. It is a good movie to watch out at the box office and we think that you all are going to love this film for sure.

Aquaman is a fine movie to watch out at the box office. You all should know that the Aquaman will make you all feel amazed. The collection reports are really coming out positive for the movie and the makers are appreciating it. The flick is really awesome and you all should enjoy it out with friends. We think that the ‘Escape Room’ is also going to make enough bucks for the makers too. You all can check out this film for sure and you all are going to love this film for sure.

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