PM Narendra Modi Biopic Trailer Is Out: Vivek Oberoi Tries Playing Prime Minister’s Role

PM Narendra Modi Biopic Trailer Is Out: Vivek Oberoi Tries Playing Prime Minister's Role

             PM Narendra Modi Biopic Trailer: As per the trailer released for the movie titled PM Narendra Modi, Vivek Oberoi is going to star in the movie as the prime minister. Omung Kumar is the director and trailer was released today. It is clearly seen from it that  Vivek Oberoi is struggling to play the Indian Prime Minister. The actor when changed his screen name to Vivek Anand Oberoi right before the biopic was announced, tries hard to play Modi. He has got a little success. He also dressed up himself as PM Modi when he entered the venue for the trailer launch of the biopic on Wednesday. At the trailer launch, director Omung Kumar stated that the struggle of Modiji is an incredible true story.

Trailer Release And Vivek Oberoi as Actor

There was also a tweet from Vivek Oberoi revealing about the trailer of PM Narendra Modi biopic was to be released at 3 pm. However, the time that he specified was quite wrong. After when he saw the fans and followers tweeting so much then Vivek finally tweeted out the trailer of his upcoming film at 4 am on March 21.

Oberoi tries hard to bring out the impression of Modi in scenes throughout the trailer. The 2-minute-20-second trailer has the Company actor shouts. Filmmaker Omung Kumar has presented the movie as an encapsulation of most important bits of PM Narendra Modi’s journey in his film. There are glimpses of Manoj Joshi as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah and Prashant Narayanan as an evil journalist who wants ‘The End of Narendra Modi’ on his TV show, got itself included in the film.

To be stated very clearly and as according to the views of the people. The trailer of PM Narendra Modi biopic looks like what we already know about the Prime Minister’s already much-in-the-open life. Vivek Oberoi was unable to make a good impression of the Prime Minister in the trailer. For a man like Modi, we need a strong actor so as to make an actual impression of the Prime Minister. Thus in this role, he does not fit so well.

Movie Release And Background

PM Narendra Modi, the biopic, will be in theatres soon on April 5 this year. Earlier the release date was different and now it has changed from April 12 to April 5. This in a move that left people nodding in understanding. The country will soon face election polling on April 11, the first phase of the Lok Sabha election is to kick off on that date. While PM Narendra Modi biopic was slated for a release the day after April 11 but it has now been updated to April,5.

The film production obviously includes Sandip Singh, Suresh Oberoi, and Anand Pandit. They also raised eyebrows online for its release date-related issues. At the trailer launch when Oberoi was asked about the date changes, he said, “Main sirf ek hi baat bolna chahunga. Modi hai toh mumkin hai.” This he said on March 20th.

Narendra Modi biopic had already faced great trolling for the lead actor. This is because according to people the actor felt looked nothing like Modi in his looks for the film.

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