OnePlus TV: Launch Date, Latest News, Rumours & Everything About Upcoming 4K TV

               OnePlus TV Launch Date, Latest News, Rumours: There’s been a lot of buzzes and huge anticipation ever since OnePlus spoke about its TV last year. It’s pretty amazing to see how the company’s fans are eagerly waiting for it. The buzz in the market is becoming stronger day by day and why not? OnePlus makes some of the best Android phones so it’s pretty obvious that people would be expecting a lot more from its upcoming TV.

On the other hand, OnePlus has also assured us a lot more thought went into selecting the name than one would think, stating:

“We’ve explained the meaning behind “OnePlus” — “One” represents “at the moment” and “Plus” means endless possibilities for the future, and we sort of made a tribute to this concept when we designed this logo — this is our OnePlus way to show the world that it is our first step to explore the endless possibilities in a broader spectrum.”

OnePlus is preparing to launch the OnePlus TV which has been confirmed last week. At present, OnePlus has revealed the possible launch dates for the OnePlus TV.

When will the OnePlus TV launch?

On August 20, Lau revealed that the OnePlus TV is expected to launch in the month of September. The upcoming OnePlus TV is coming first to India before the world gets to see it. On OnePlus Community website, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau posted the notes that reveal that the launch of the OnePlus TV is going to happen in the month of September. However, a particular date was not given at that moment. But taking previous leaks as consideration, we may possibly see the OnePlus TV launch on September 26.

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OnePlus TV Latest Details  

Apart from the launch date, people are more interested in knowing the features of OnePlus TV that it is going to offer. It’s been almost a year and OnePlus has been building the hype that its smart TV is going to offer a smart as well as connected home experience.

In a market where other brands such as Samsung, LG, and Sony has made its top position with define premium TV experiences, OnePlus have so much to prove.

Some of new details or rumors are revealed that the sizing of OnePlus TV is going to start at 43 and top out at 75 inches. It also seems to be like that the 43-inch variant is going to be exclusive to India, while on the other hand the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models are going to hit the shelves in China as well as the United States, with the size seemingly specified by the first two characters in the code and the region by the last two.

The company has managed to keep the information and nothing much has revealed regarding this upcoming smart TV, therefore specific feature details are still not available yet. But Lau hinted, on the other hand, confirmed some features in his forum post. 

OnePlus TV Image Quality

With their upcoming TV, OnePlus wants to focus on the image as well as sound quality. The idea is essential to offer a premium experience. Lau recently told Business Insider, “I have been talking to a lot of users and getting a lot of feedback”. He added, “(They) told me that image quality is the most important thing they care about.”

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In his forum post, Pete Lau highlighted quality very important. He said, “We know that to deliver the best possible experience we need to provide our users with a truly premium product. In keeping with that belief, you can rest assured that the OnePlus TV will live up to your expectations of what is, without reservations, a new premium flagship.”

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