Know Why Snapchat Is Making Mobile Games Like Bitmoji Tennis?

              Snapchat has become one of the most famous social chat applications in recent years. The developers have worked very hard and it has been 8 years since Snapchat has been out. Nowadays Snapchat is adding a lot of new features to keep the users engaged. In the recent edition, Snapchat has added a number of games to its platform. But the question arises that what is the reason of having games on a social chatting platform?

The product head of snap games introduced the platform and also shared the details of the new games which is soon going to be live. The new game is known as bitmoji tennis. These snap games are not similar to the ones found on the consoles and PC. However, these small games can have a huge reach because Snapchat has more than 186 million registered users.

They half particularly targeted the people of age between 13 and 24 which makes more than 90% of the current registered Snapchat users. We tried out bitmoji tennis which is a very simple game and is fun for quick gaming. All you need to do is tap on the screen and the ball will be shot at you. Then you just have to swipe left or right and the player will hit the ball accordingly. Just last month, Zynga also launched a game known as tiny royale. It is a quick game as well.

Speaking about the games, he said that Snapchat has a dead small icon with you can simply tap and play some quick games. These games are really fun to play and there are a lot of games available in the gallery some of them are upcoming. For instance, bitmoji 10 is is currently present and all HTML5 and your friends will get the notification when you are playing it. Hence, you both can enjoy it simultaneously.

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There are some more launches which are coming up next month and all these games will add more fun to the application. Answering to an enquiry, he said that we provide all these games for free and they are made for complete entertainment purpose. He denied relying on the statistics of the user base which the games are currently attracting.

He also said that the games are in beta phase right now and they will become regular for the users over time. He also pointed out on the Facebook messenger games which are extremely popular among the youth nowadays. Snapchat has the same ambition and they want to create a similar platform has Messenger gaming.

The director also said that a lot of people working really hard behind the games and they want to make it a big success. A number of publishers have been given independent rights to add games which are already popular in various platforms. Therefore, snap games are going to awards event further.

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