Apple TV+ Is Going To Compete With Netflix; Here Is Everything You Need To Know

                 Apple TV+ was launched at an event held by Apple on 25th March, earlier this year. Everyone was quite curious to know the reason for the event as it seemed to be a bit different from the usual Apple events. The screen on the stage displayed a tagline, “It’s showtime.” This turned out to be the launch event of the Apple streaming platform named, Apple TV+.

It was announced that this will be an on-demand offline and online movie and TV show streaming application which will be at free. It will be a subscription-based platform similar to other aggregators like Netflix. Apple has plant to beat Netflix at its own game. Apple’s streaming service is expected to be launched in a hundred countries.

Netflix is the largest and most popular online TV show streaming platform in the entire world. The companies making an enormous profit out of the Exclusive originals and other episodes which are displayed on its platform. We all are aware of the fact that the online TV streaming industry is booming and more and more Players looks forward to joining the community. We already have big names like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others in the race. Hence, Apple is the all-new contestant which is going to battle the online streaming industry.

Cost & Availability

Being an Apple product, not much is known about it as of now. The company has been revealed the pricing structure of the subscription packages of Apple TV+. However, most people familiar with the matter expect that it will be a low-cost subscription package which can compete with Netflix. It will be similar to the Disney+ subscription.

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Another important question is the availability of the application. It has been a common observation that has will reviews and launches all the products for iOS devices only. Hence, it is not known if the Apple streaming service will be available for other Android devices and fire TV stick. However, online streaming is a big business and limiting it to the Apple devices can be harmful to Apple itself.

An online war with Netflix

Apple wants to beat Netflix at its own game. Netflix has remained on the top position for quite a few years now and still continues to be the number one online TV show streaming platform around the world. Hence, to launch six short films of the low budget which will attract Global attention and get them some awards every year. The production of each short film will take something between $5 to $30 million. Hence, ample bones to flourish itself in the industry by winning some prestigious awards for its newly launched platform.

Audio & Video

Apple has not officially confirmed the format of audio and video which will be available on Apple TV+. However, everyone is aware of the fact that iTunes of 4K HD videos. Hence, it can be expected that Apple will be rolling out some content having 4K support. It is quite known that all the streaming services provide full HD videos. Similarly, Apple will also integrate it on its new platform.

Confirmed Content

A number of TV shows have already been confirmed and some trailers are already out. The TV shows star some big filmmakers and actors. This is a strategy to attract more and more fans of these actors and filmmakers to watch the TV series by getting the subscription package. A few names have already come out and we have listed them below. These are some of the names which are about to come out soon. The shooting has already begun and most of them are in the final stage.

  • Amazing Stories
  • Little Voice
  • Morning star
  • Little America
  • See
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