OnePlus 7 Pro Smartphone: Launch Date, Availability, And Price List!

                 OnePlus 7 Pro: The latest release by OnePlus has heated up the Smartphones market once again. We witnessed a similar situation when OnePlus 6 was officially launched in the market. Now it is time to witness OnePlus 7 Pro. The device is really amazing and most people are talking about the full-screen display which doesn’t even have a notch. There are many new upgradations and changes that we are going to see in this all-new device. So if you haven’t checked out OnePlus 7 Pro, consider reading our detailed review on this latest smartphone. So when can you find them by the device? Let’s find out all the answers.

Most people are getting eager and searching for the release date of this new device. There are many people who just want to buy this new device right away. But when exactly is OnePlus 7 Pro hitting the Market? This is one of the most common questions being asked by the oneplus fans. Therefore, we have come up with the entire event list of the launch. Moreover, we will also tell you where to buy this device and if it is a safe bet. So let’s directly get into the matter and find out the answer to all the questions.

OnePlus 7 Pro Launch Date

OnePlus 7 Pro is all set to be launched on May 14th 2019. The company has officially announced the launch of the successor of oneplus 6t. It is one of the most awaited Smartphones of 2019 and it is finally going to be launched on 14th May 2019. But can you instantly by the device on 14th May? We have said this particular question in the section given below. It is quite of this that oneplus is going to make the new device and exclusive product for most platforms. Hence, it can be bought from some selected stores only.

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OnePlus 7 Pro Availability

As mentioned earlier, the device is going to be officially launched on 14th May 2019. OnePlus has selected team mobiles as its exclusive carrier partner which is going to host the launch. So you can buy the mobile rate of the launch are the T-mobile stores in the USA. There are a number of t-mobile stores in the country and you can easily buy them offline. But what if you want to buy OnePlus 7 online? Well, if you are planning to buy the new smartphone online, you will have to wait for a few more days.

The simple reason is that it is been launched offline in the stores. Being an exclusive product, the device will not be available online for a few days following the launch. It is only on or after 19th May 2019 that you can buy the device directly from the oneplus official website. Therefore, it is up to you if you want to buy the device right away or wait for a few more days to buy it online.

OnePlus 7 Pro Price List

The device is going to be launched in 3 variants and you will have to pay accordingly. Are you looking for upgradation and still confused? Read our detailed comparison of OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 7 Pro. Till then, let’s have a look at the price list in various countries. There are currently three different variants based on Ram and two different variants based on ROM. Hence, users have been given the freedom to choose the RAM size according to their multitasking needs. Users housing a very high demand for multitasking and gaming, are recommended to buy the 12gb RAM variant of this new device.

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  • (6GB/128GB)- $699
  • (8GB/256GB)- $699
  • (12GB/256GB)- $749


  • (6GB/128GB)- 709 Euros
  • (8GB/256GB)- 759 Euros
  • (12GB/256GB)- 829 Euros


  • (6GB/128GB)- ₹49999
  • (8GB/256GB)- ₹52999
  • (12GB/256GB)- ₹57999.
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