Apple Tv Plus: Everything We Know So Far About The Upcoming Seasons

Apple Tv Plus: Everything We Know So Far About The Upcoming Seasons

            Apple Tv Plus: Apple has announced the launch of Apple TV Plus on its 25th March Event. The event seemed to be a bit different and the tagline, “Its Show Time” was displayed. Moreover, the audience and people who were invited to the event were also not normal. Usually, techies are invited to the Apple hardware events held in California. However, in this event producers and directors were invited from across the country. Hence, people could easily make out that something related to media and entertainment was going to be held. As expected, it was related to the launch of Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV Plus is the latest streaming platform buy Apple which will compete with other significant brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is going to be a subscription-based ad-free platform to stream original TV series. The event disclosed the names of TV series which will be made available on Apple TV Plus. It is the first time when Apple is entering the entertainment industry after Apple Music. A number of projects have been disclosed by the company. We have compiled and list down all the coming TV series on Apple TV Plus.

Confirmed on Apple TV Plus

Amazing Stories

This is a compilation of different episodes which will be exclusively streamed on Apple TV plus. It is meant for a thematic experience for the audience. The different episodes will be compiled and then the name of Amazing Stories. One of the episodes will be related to World War II and its consequences which is flying in the current days too. Besides, we expect different stories to be telecasted in the form of episodes in the first season of Amazing Stories.

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Little Voice

As the name suggests, the storyline of this TV series will be based on music. It involves a young musician in New York City who is trying to find herself and her voice. The co-creator, co-producer, and composer of the series is Bareilles.

Morning Star

This is one of the biggest projects of Apple TV plus and two seasons have already been ordering for the series. The series is based on the power dynamic nature of men and women in the current society. According to sources, the shoot for the first season has nearly come to a conclusion.

Little America

The series is being developed by Oscar-nominated duos. It is going to be based on the true stories of immigrants in the United States. the series will focus on the day to day life of immigrants and it will explain that almost everyone in the US is immigrants, including the producers and directors.


The TV series is based on the after virus effect on the century. The plot suggests that the virus has killed almost everyone only a few million people are rendered as survivors.

There are many other series and TV shows which has been lined up and has not yet been officially confirmed. Apple TV plus is going to take on Netflix. It is going to be launched across 100 countries.

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