Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is The King Of Music Streaming?

      Music streaming applications have come a long way since its inception. Both Apple music and Spotify are the market leaders in terms of music streaming platforms. Spotify has been a dominating platform ever since it was launched. This is because of some amazing features that it provides at a relatively low cost. Apple music, on the other hand, has also been performing quite well in recent years. However, it can be used by people only on the iPhones and other iOS devices. So who actually is the king of music streaming? Below is the comparison of Apple music vs Spotify.

Apple Music vs Spotify

Music Library

The music library on both these applications is vast and amazing. You can find almost every other music on these streaming platforms. There all millions of songs from different genres and regions of the world. Spotify is known as one of the best music streaming application with over 30 million songs. However, the Apple music application has recent beaten Spotify by increasing the number of users to 40 million. Hence, you will find all songs of all varieties on both the applications. However, Apple music takes an upper hand in this segment.

User Experience & UI

Apple Music is a very simple application and does not have much fancy Interface. Rather it has a simple UI, however, it has improved over the recent iOS 12 updates. On the other hand, Spotify has an amazing user interface and the application seems very intuitive and user-friendly. Spotify is rated more than Apple music because of his amazing user experience. There awesome amazing and unique features and Spotify app and hence, it seems to be a better option in terms of design.

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Music Discovery

The convenience of finding music plays an important role in selecting the best Music Media platform. Apple music has a conventional search bar using which you can find any music. However, there are multiple features in Spotify with the help of which you can find. music or even categorize them according to their singer. Overall, it is broken we need to find and list down music in Spotify, compared to any other streaming platforms. Hence, Spotify is the winner in this segment.


Spotify is the undisputed champion in terms of compatibility. This is because you can use this Spotify app on almost each and every platform. Whereas, Apple music can be only used on iOS devices. This is a downside of Apple Music as people want to stream music and platforms other than their smartphones too. Spotify has a wide versatility and can be used on devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, PlayStation and many others. Hence, Spotify is superior in terms of versatility and compatibility.


Both Apple music and Spotify have same subscription prices approximately. However, there are a number of factors which plays an important role in pricing. Apple music is available for $10 per month. However, it does not give any trial version for free. On the other hand, Spotify offers a 1-month free trial package for all users. Thereafter, you can choose the subscription plan according to your need. You can check the entire Spotify premium price list here.

Bottom line

Both Apple music on Spotify is amazing for streaming music. However, in our comparison of Apple Music vs Spotify, we found out that Spotify is a much better option compared to Apple music. This is because it has a huge variety of songs and the earth is also very convenient to use. Moreover, you can use it on other devices. Whereas, if you use Apple music, you will always be restricted to iOS devices only.

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