NASA Astronaut, Anne McClain Returns To Earth, Shoots For The Moon

                 As a teenager, McClain was all smiles and all over the place with a bike. Her teacher of Gongza preparatory School, who retired in 2018 said that sometimes she would see McClain on the north hill while sometimes she would see her on the south hills. She added that she was present everywhere by simply write in her bike ok and that it was crazy of her to do so.

McClain had set a goal to become an astronaut at the age of 3. She gives the credit of encouraging her to her teacher, Schlepp. McClain said that the teacher encouraged her to pursue her dreams and become an astronaut.

“I was surrounded by people who are encouraging and positive every time,” said McClain. She said that people often tend to do the work that they are encouraged. Similarly, she pointed out that discouragement often leads to the wrong path and the students fail to achieve the goals because of this negative attitude surrounding them.

McClain was laser-focused on her goals even when she was a child, sad another teacher from school. Going to this place is not as simple as wearing a pair of jeans. It is as difficult and expensive as a small astronaut dress.

She said that it was a disappointment that to female crew workers were not paired up. However, everyone did the same amount of skywalk as it was estimated earlier. She Credits rugby as an important skill which helps them in becoming a successful astronaut.

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McClain was introduced to the game during short span at the Gongza University. Later, she professionally played in a team in the United Kingdom. Then she continues playing the game during for Masters in aeronautical engineering and also while pursuing International relations at the University. She is said that the game has helped her a lot to achieve many things related to her astronaut activities. This is how small things matter a lot in the long run.

Her teachers are really glad about her success and have claimed that she was one of the most hardworking students whom they have ever met. Similarly, she was really passionate and continued for consisted of working towards. The teachers expect that she will soar higher. The amount of hard work that she has put him during her studies and other activities is simply what results in her success. All the teachers salute her passion for astronauts.

McClain believes that Nasa will put boots on the moon by 2024. She added that it doesn’t matter who will be selected for the mission. It will be a win for all. She also said that she has worked with the best people that she has ever met with and she herself is one of those people.

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