New Species Of Shark – Capable Of Glowing Have Been Spotted In The Gulf Of Mexico

                Scientists have found a new species of sharks, which amaze you. The new species of shark is just five and a half inches large but it has the capability of glowing in the dark.

Researchers of various universities combined together to perform a study. They found a new species of shark in the Gulf of Mexico and these sharks have the property of glowing in the dark. The study published says that the sharks have two pockets which are filled with fluids which glow in the dark.

The Tiny Shark, just five and a half inches long, is the first of its kind to be spotted by the humans. This species of shark is found in the Gulf of Mexico and they have the property of glowing in the dark.

The animal is only the second pocket ever spotted or reported on the earth. The first one was spotted in 1979 and it has been kept in a museum in Russia. However, the new species of shark spotted is completely different from the first one because it has a lot of distinct features which are missing in the previous one. Hence, it is a big discovery and the researchers must be appreciated.

This new American Shark has two pockets and fewer vertebrae. Moreover, the researchers have published that this species of shark has multiple lights producing Photon pores in their body. They have two pockets which are capable of producing fluids that produce light.

They have reported that this light energy is required to attract the prey. Once the prayer is attracted to the light energy in the dark, the Shark attacks and consumes it.

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Another report Suggests, that fisheries around the world have only observed only 2 such pocket animals. However, both are different from each other because they have some distinct features and both have been captured in different oceans. Moreover, these animals of fishes are extremely rare to find. It has been found after almost two decades. This is why the discovery is really appreciated.

The Gulf specimen was first caught in 2010, and Grace came by examining it 3 years later. Various universities have been researching on sharks and their species. They carried multiple X rays and CT scans to find out the properties of the shark and their body parts. These researchers also find out the reason behind having a particular property in the body.

For instance, a lot of research work has been done for estimating that the photon pores, in the new species of shark, is used for attracting the preys. They carried out multiple tests and found out that these light energies are being produced by the pockets. Therefore, it is one of the rare fishes which is capable of glowing in the dark.

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