Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Has Just Completed A Successful Asteroid Landing

                  Japan Space Agency’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft rendezvoused with Ryugu, a year ago. Ryugu is an asteroid which is is located near earth and its shape resembles a diamond. After having changed the asteroid for a year, Hayabusa2 has dropped hopping landers on the surface and grabbed a bucketful of rock after touching down.

The spacecraft touched the surface of the asteroid for the second time on Wednesday and scooped out additional Rock samples to bring them back on earth. Hayabusa2 was equipped with a space cannon which fired a copper bullet into the surface of Ryugu. This helped in exposing The subsurface Rock of the asteroid.

Ryugu is particularly Rock and touching down the spacecraft on it is quite risky. However, the scientific value of retrieving The subsurface Rock sample is high reward. The space agency of Japan, Jaxa, thoroughly investigated the portion of the asteroid where the spacecraft Touched Down. They calculating the amount of risk involved in landing Hayabusa2 on the surface of Ryugu inverter to scoop the fresh subsurface rocks.

The mission is regarded highly important because it helps us to understand more about the solar system and the particles which form most Astral bodies. It also reveals the fact about the formation of the asteroids in the early days. Hence, not only the Japanese agencies but other agencies are also involved in finding such particles from various asteroid bodies present in the solar system.

The director of Japan’s ISAS said that II TouchDown of Hayabusa2 is regarded as highly important and that it has found a major pivot point on the surface of Ryugu. He added that their mission includes traveling to Mercury all the way covering Jupiter.

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Hayabusa2 slowly moved closer to the surface of the asteroid during the mission. It captured a lot of images and sent them back to the earth in order to study the surface. They dropped a reflective mark on the surface of the asteroid from a height 9 feet, in June. This was done to ensure that the spacecraft touches down safely with the help of the reflective marker. It was done to ensure that the spacecraft automatically finds a two way because there is no manual help from the control centers in Japan.

The final descend occurred at 6:19 PM PT, in front of the nervous Jaxa Mission control. The mission cheered and applauded as the TouchDown occurred successfully. They watch streaming the live movement of Hayabusa2 and they confirmed the successful TouchDown at 6:22 pm PT.

The mission of Hayabusa2 has not yet come to an end. It still has a very important mission to cover. They have plant to release one more ladder on the surface which is equipped with Rover 2. It is basically a small robot which has a thermometer and a camera. Hence, we shall wait for this mission to get covered as well.

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