Mexican Independence Day 2019: Date, Significance, Patriotic Foods & Ways To Celebrate

Mexican Independence Day 2019: Date, Significance, Patriotic Foods & Ways To Celebrate

Mexican Independence Day 2019 Date, Significance, Patriotic Foods: The day of Mexican Independence from Spain is celebrated each year on September 16. This day commemorates the Mexican war of Independence that was fought in the year 1810 from Spain. While the spirit of patriotism is embodied in the multiple traditions which are done in the month of October and September. From the starting of September, Mexico streets and the building is adorned with the green, white and red but the main event occurs when the crowd gathers and shouts like “Viva Mexico!”. This is done on the evening of September 15 and continues on the day of September 16 and this includes parades and different civic celebrations.

Mexican Independence Day

There might be some confusion between two events and that is Mexican Independence Day and Cinco De Mayo. This event is celebrated on May 5 and it is different from the independence day which is celebrated on 16th September. May 5 is the celebration of Mexico’s victory over France which is named as Battle of Puebla in the year 1862. On the other hand, the celebration of Independence day commemorates the independence and victory of Mexico over Spain in 1810. The celebration is also named as el dieciséis de Septiembre (the 16th of September). It is also one of those patriotic festivals or Las Fiestas Patrias. This is one of the most important festivals in Mexico and the whole month is the celebration month for this occasion The month of September is refereed as el mes de la Patria that means the month of the homeland.

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Mexican Independence Day 2019: Date, Significance, Patriotic Foods & Ways To Celebrate

El Grito De Dolores

The celebration officially starts on the morning of September 16 when the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the churchbell and cries out to the people of the town to rise up against the Spanish crown.  This particular event is named as El Grito De Dolores which is named after a town.

Mexican War of Independence

The Mexican War of Independence was an armed conflict that was fought between the people of Mexico and Spanish colonial authorities. This movement was initiated by criollos with mestizos. Criollos are the Mexican born people of Spanish descent and mestizos are the people of mixed indigenous and heritage people and also native people who joined this struggle. However, these groups already have their own goals. The war lasted for more than a decade and ended up with the signing of the Treaty of Cordoba on August 24, 1810, after Spain ruled over them for three centuries.

Celebration on Mexican Independence Day

The celebration is done with fireworks, flags, food, and parades. On the night of September 15, the cry of Dolores is re-enacted by all politicians in the public squares of towns and cities throughout the country. On September 16, there is an organization of parades and other civic celebrations which commemorates the independence of Mexico. September 16 is the national holiday in Mexico and thus all the banks, schools and all the government offices are closed. The national symbols of Mexico are the flag, coat of arms and the national anthem of the country.

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Patriotic Mexican food

The celebration does not end if you just wear red, green or white clothes and also go for watching parades.  The visitors should also taste the patriotic food dishes on Mexican Independence Day. Chiles en Nogada is a Mexican dish that has all the colors of the Mexican flag. There is also Pozole which is a soup of hominy and pork. As for drinks, tequila and mezcal are great options and best fit for the celebration of the day.

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