When is Father’s Day 2019 In The USA And UK? Why It Is Celebrated?

When is Father’s Day 2019 In The USA And UK? Why It Is Celebrated?

             When is Father’s Day 2019 In The USA And UK? Why It Is Celebrated: A Father who is always ready to sacrifice everything for his family and children just to make and see them happy is a real superhero. All the pain and sacrifice he through is just for his family and he will do everything to make his family happy no matter what.

In order to pay the tribute and honor such a great personality in our life and society, Father’s Day is celebrated. Just like a mother, the significance of a father can’t be expressed in words as he is the one who works tirelessly without complaining in order to fulfill the requirements of his family along with spending and giving the best of the time that we can ever have.

When is Father’s Day this Year?

Father’s Day falls on third Sunday in the month of June and this year in 2019, it is going to be celebrated on June 16.

The countries that celebrated Father’s Day every June on the third Sunday are UK, Ireland, the US, France, Cyprus, South Africa, the Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

When is Father’s Day 2019 In The USA And UK? Why It Is Celebrated?

Why Father’s Day is Observed?

Father’s Day is a celebration paying tribute and honoring fathers as well as celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. Every father is special and amazing; he is the one who works every day without taking any break just to make his family happy. The day also complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Mother’s Day, Siblings Day and Grandparents’ Day.

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The importance of a father can’t be ignored after all he is the superhero of the family who is always ready to take on the day to day troubles of his children. The love and care of a father can’t be compared with anyone else, he is unique and irreplaceable.

In order to give tribute and honor the spirit of all such fathers Father’s Day is celebrated all around the world which also celebrates the paternal bonding.

When was Father’s day first celebrated?

The earliest Father’s Day celebration goes back to date back to at least the Middle Ages in Catholic Europe and it is observed on March 19, as the feast day of Saint Joseph, who is denoted to as the fatherly Nutritor Domini (“Nourisher of the Lord”) in Catholicism as well as “the putative father of Jesus” in the tradition of southern European.

How Was the Date for Father’s Day Decided?

For the duration of the early years of Fathers’ Days, a number of attempts were made for making the holiday formally recognized and many of the attempts were failed.

Fifty-six years after the first official Father’s Day, President Johnson finally selected the third Sunday in June to be celebrated as Father’s Day. After the Six years of the declaration by President Johnso Father’s Day was finally made a permanent national holiday in the US when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in the year 1972.

From that year, Father’s Day has been celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June which means it is going to change every single year.

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