International Youth Day 2019: Significance, Worldwide Movement & What Can You Contribute

International Youth Day 2019: Significance, Worldwide Movement & What Can You Contribute

                  International Youth Day 2019 Significance, Worldwide Movement: International Youth Day is heading towards us. The day will be celebrated on 12th August every year. As the day arrives it certainly draws our attention towards the worldwide youth issues. And we can say that draws that there is no better to know the time to make your voices heard. There are different kinds of issues which ranges from education to poverty to the health and environment which signifies more than just being a celebration. It is a great opportunity to get involved and also to let you make a difference in the lives of young people all around the people. This International Youth Day was officially established on December 17, 1999, by the General Assembly of United Nations.

Significance of International Youth Day

The main objective of this day is to create awareness of cultural and all legal issues. These are mainly that surrounds youth, concerts, workshops, cultural events, education, and employment conferences and meetings which includes all youth organizations that take place around the world. This will be in order to commemorate this special day. These events will result from a worldwide event where every person can take action. Here in this article, we have described some of those ways by which one can prove helping spread awareness.

International Youth Day 2019: Significance, Worldwide Movement & What Can You Contribute

Educate The Youth, Teens, and Children Abroad

If you really wish to do something for these international youth issues the this can be a very good option. Education is the solution for every problem around you and if you educate somebody you should do that. Though for some youths education can be gained easily it might very difficult for the other youth to learn and educate themselves. You can definitely be a part of the educational programs organized mainly for the youth. You can assist for all also some disabled children.  TEFL certificate programs are a great way to travel and get involved.

Volunteer Some Projects For Youth in Abroad

This option can be a crash course in cultural awareness. This program tends to directly bring all the major global issues to your front door. Until you don’t step in any country you cannot understand the need of help it actually wants. In each country, there are issues related to economic, social or political grounds.

Which Countries You Can Choose?

In Brazil, there can a program which can help those youth who want to have their own home and also desperately need them. In the country like Vietnam which have diagnosed many people with AIDS and other diagnosed diseases. In Australia, you can join the youth for an international environmental protection program.

Reach Abroad Through Various Travel Programs

The tables have now turned and now it is high time for all the youths to educate themselves. By joining this educational travel program with this youth development you will surely get some glimpses of issues that are faced by the youth worldwide. This youth travel program will turn the whole world into a classroom where you can participate in many activities like homestays, adventure level, and community services are all a part of that. To start off with you can definitely adapt programs from the high variety of programs. There you can study or volunteer internationally before you complete your 20.

Worldwide Movement

This International Youth Day you can participate and be a part of this movement through the realms of education, volunteering and also traveling. These issues can only be solved when each one of us will consider them as our own issues.

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