Ukraine Independence Day: Culture, Celebration And Everything You Need To Know!

                  Ukraine Independence Day Culture, Celebration: On August 24, Ukraine is ready to celebrate the independence day with bright colors of the flag and all the streets will be decorated there. This holiday is observed as the National Independence Day of Ukraine. The day has a great significance as it celebrates the independence of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. The celebration is done there with good pomps. Ukraine has always had their own culture but were dominated by Russia, Turkey and Poland, and the other countries. Thus this day is of so high importance as all people of Ukraine can express their feeling of love towards their own country.

Special Celebration in Kyiv

Though the celebration of independence is a dome in every part of the country the celebration in Kyiv is like nowhere else. It is the capital of Ukraine and thus the celebration has to be grand in historical and cultural terms. The spectacular military parade is one of the best things you will witness on 24th August. There will be some exciting live concerts with famous musicians. People reach out to colorful fair that actually shows out a giant map of Ukraine made out of hundreds of thousand fresh flowers, traditional nighttime fireworks, and other patriotic activities will all take place on this day.

The flag of Ukraine consists of two parts where blue signifies the sky and yellow signifies the wheat fields.

How To Plan for Independence Day in Ukraine

Ukraine Independence Day: Culture, Celebration And Everything You Need To Know!

The country has gained independence after so much of wait and thus nothing can stop them from celebrating the joy of independence. If you are spending the day in Ukraine then you should know some facts like all the businesses will be closed. If you re staying or living in some rural areas then you should order your food and grocery items a day before otherwise markets will be closed for the day.

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Ukranian Culture

There is a culture of inviting the guest to the meal or dinner at one’s place. Thus if you live in some rural areas or places then you might get invitations for hospitality. People will invite you for vodka recipes and if you don’t accept the invitations then it might be offensive to them.

Ukranian Food

The fold for the day is mostly cooked in pig fat. If you don’t take the food because of some health treatment or medication issues then there will be people understanding your point. But if you reject the food thinking how bad it tastes or looks then you will definitely offend your host. It is always the best that you try the dish and be thankful to the person who served it.

Ways to thank you host after the party

The Ukranian culture includes the appreciation and gratitude gesture that one should show towards the host for the hospitality. An older tradition was to keep a gift of bread and salt on the top and this will be considered as the sign of appreciation. But for these days to the shoe that you know their culture well you can send a fruit basket to their place after the meal. Spirit, food and wine hampers to Ukraine will also prove as great options. This is because they are not only celebratory in nature but also they can include items that the family will enjoy from some different culture.

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