Google’s Fuchsia OS Developer Website Debuts With Fascinating Details

                Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS has been an undercover project which has been everywhere in the news. There is nothing much known about the new operating system which is being developed by Google exhaustively. There have been reports that Google has hired Apple designers for bringing the operating system to live as soon as possible. There how bean very little information about the operating system.

Interestingly, the glimpse of the software is available on GitHub since 2016. You can try out the browser-based version of the operating system. However, Google, on Friday, registered a domain named Hence, the veil of secrecy was finally lifted and it indicated that Google is really serious about the project and that it wants to register it as a Google initiative.

So what do we know about fuchsia and its potential? We sorry don’t know much as it is being developed secretly but the new developer portal launch has shown that Google is now making it clear. However, attest quite evident that the new operating system is something revolutionary and it will have a deep impact on the market in the future.

Till date, all the software are either based on Unix, Linux or Windows kernel irrespective of the devices on which they are used. It includes the windows variant like Android, IOS and Mac OS. What’s potentially new on the latest software being developed by Google is that it is not only an open source software but a software which is not based on any major OS kernel. Rather, Fuchsia is based on a completely new microkernel known as zircon.

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The new microkernel is possibly the coolest thing about the software which is making a Buzz in the media. It will be the first software or an operating system to be developed outside the phase of the general kernels like Linux and Unix.

Zircon was earlier known as magenta and it was designed to scale to any application from embedded RTOS to Mobile and desktop devices of all kinds. This has been the reason for speculation that Fuchsia is going to be the successor of Android and Chrome OS. It will have the capabilities of both the software combined and it can run the applications and games developed on either Android or Chrome OS.

In short, Google is working really hard to make it a big success as it can be combined with anything from 32bit or 64bit ARM cores to 64bit X68 processors and it has the power to be destructive. The new developer website from Google does not have major information about the operating system but it does have glossary and summary. It also contains instructions for building and making applications which can run on the software.

There are other details on how the operating system works and what are the requirements of the kernel. The script of the microkernel has also been given so that the developers can find assistance while developing applications. A big question is that is is there is any new room for a kernel in the market. However, it doesn’t really matter what the answer is because Google is working consistently to built this cross-platform compatible software.

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Recently, we have noticed that software customization has come back in trend as Apple has also announced a set of new operating systems which may combine Mac OS to iOS and they will also introduce new software for iPad called the iPad OS. Hence, a full-scale software what is going between the major Tech. Fuchsia seems to be revolutionary and it may be destructive for the market in the long term. Keep an eye for more details about the OS.

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