Apple WWDC Keynote 2019: Here Is The Entire Tech Round-up Of The Event

Apple WWDC Keynote 2019: Here Is The Entire Tech Round-up Of The Event

               Apple WWDC Keynote 2019: The two and hour-long event was full of details and new prospectus that the company has come away. It was a power pack event and a lot of things have been announced in this WWDC Keynote 2019. A lot of new software and hardware models have come up and we have listed down the round-up of the event. Get ready for the all-new iOS version. Yes, it’s true! Apple has officially announced the iOS 13 software for iPhones and iPads. Moreover, some new Mac devices have also been announced officially by the company. Here is a quick roundup of the event outcomes.

WWDC Keynote 2019 Roundup

1. iOS 13

Almost all tech news companies and bloggers were aware of the features that were coming up on Apple IOS 13. However, Apple was still successful in surprising everyone with some new features. The perfect example is the new swipe type keyboard called QuickPath. The photos app has also undergone a makeover. A lot of new features have been added to the photos app. For instance, the smart clutter reduction software has been added to the app and a new photos tab is available inside the app. Besides, iOS 13 has also come up with a new Siri feature which allows you to instantly reply to messages.

2. iPadOS

The biggest outcome of WWDC Keynote 2019 that is going to be in the headlines of all the tech news channels. Apple has officially announced that iPad will be departing from IOS and will be receiving its own operating system. This was a big surprise for the Tech followers. iPads will no longer run on the iOS operating system. It will receive a whole set of new software called the iPadOS. There a lot of new features that are going to be seen in this new operating system. The new keyboard feature and changes in the multitasking options will be some of the prominent updates.

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3. MacOS Catalina

The much-awaited Mac OS 10.5 has been revealed as Mac OS Catalina during the WWDC Keynote 2019. The new operating system will be having standalone applications like TV, music, and Podcasts as Apple has decided to retire iTunes. As expected, the sidecar feature will be added to the Mac Operating System which will allow the iPads to be used as a secondary display. Moreover, “Find Me” is a river formed application which has been combined with find my iPhone and find my friends. It will now be available on Mac devices.

4. WatchOS 6

WWDC Keynote 2019 has mostly been about software. Following the trend, Apple announced the all-new operating system for Apple watchers. The Apple watches will now be powered by the watchOS 6. It comes added many first-party apps like calculators and voice memos. Moreover, it will now have a dedicated watchOS store. The new operating system seems to be lucrative but has a lot of complications initially. A completely new feature has been added to allow users to control the device over voice. The voice control features seem to be a brilliant addon.

5. All New Mac Pro

The spotlight of WWDC Keynote 2019 was the all-new Mac Pro. It has powerhouse pictures and is completely built with aluminum and stainless steel. It looks like a cheese grater. The device is going to be a powerful desktop. The device will be powered by amazing tools. It is one of the most powerful upcoming desktops. The price of the base model is $6000. The new device is powered by 28 core Intel Xeon Processor and 1.5TB RAM. Moreover, it has 4TB storage space, 2x Radeon 2 GPU. Besides, it will be having the latest custom apple card called Afterburner. Therefore, it will be an Amazing device.

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