Here Are The 5 Unannounced iPad OS Beta Features That Reddit Is Raving Over

Here Are The 5 Unannounced iPadOS Beta Features That Reddit Is Raving Over

              iPad has been a flagship device for Apple since its launch in 2010. We have seen a number of variants like iPad Air, Pro, Mini and others over the course of time. However, we are now going to witness the biggest transition in iPads. The tablets run on iOS by default, however, Apple has announced a separate software for iPad. Apple announced a special and dedicated software for the tablets at the WWDC Developer’s Conference. It will be known as iPadOS.

There has not been much discussions and details about the features that are going to come up with the new operating system. However, there are some major speculations on different social media platforms and Reddit. So can you guess what are the changes that we will get much in iPadOS? We have summarised 5 new changes which may appear in the latest version of the iPad operating system.

iPadOS Unannounced Beta Features

1. Desktop Browsing

According to the speculations going on Reddit, iPadOS will make desktop browsing default on the Safari Browser. Earlier, there was a mobile view enable it on all the iPads. This is a much-needed change because mobile view caused problems with many websites because of the uneven size of the screen. Now, Safari will have a desktop view enabled by default so that there is no problem while browsing different websites which do not support grid format. This is a small change but is required because it will keep the pain of switching between the formats away.

2. Console Controller compatibility

This would probably be the biggest change above in iPads. It is expected that the new iPadOS will be compatible with controllers like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This means that you can virtually make your iPad a video gaming platform. It is one of the most significant changes that we are going to witness in iPads and it will perhaps increase the demand of the device. Gamers are really excited about this new feature. All you need to do is connect your iPod to the console using Bluetooth and enjoy the games.

3. New Volume Sidebar

One of the most irritating features of ios has been The Soundbar which covers the central part of the screen. It has existed for years and it seems that it is finally going to be changed. iPadOS is expected to have a new volume sidebar. The sidebar will be present on the top part of the screen which will make sure that the screen is not covered and you can carry out the work without getting disturbed. It is particularly good for gaming where you cannot let the screen go off even for a second.

4. Drag Notification

This is another amazing feature that we are going to witness in iPadOS. Earlier, users had to type on the notification in order to open the screen. Now, you can simply drag the notification to any part of the screen and it will open a secondary window. This means that you can reply to a text or view the whole notification without switching the tab. This is an amazing feature because a secondary tab is added directly to the home screen.

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5. No more home screen shifting

In iOS, the device automatically rearranges the applications available on the home screen when the user switches between landscape mode and portrait mode. The new location of the applications might seem a bit difficult to adapt. Hence, the new operating system will introduce a new way in which the applications will not rearrange themselves. This means that the apps will remain at their place so that the users can use them easily. It is a minor yet effective change.

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