These Are The 5 Best Free Currency Converter Apps For iOS

These Are The 5 Best Free Currency Converter Apps For iOS

               Best Free Currency Converter Apps: Conversation of money from one currency to another is a simple process which is not so simple for many people. The need for currency converters is very high in the current market scenario. The currency converter apps help you a lot while calculating the budget for your foreign trip. Besides, it is required in Daley calculations if you are there in the foreign currency market. So are you looking for the best currency converter apps for your iPhone other iOS devices? We have searched the entire App Store and have come out with the best currency converter apps for iPhones and iPads.

Best Free Currency Converter Apps

1. My currency converter & rates

This is one of the first applications which comes in mind while looking for the best free Currency Converter apps for iOS devices. It is mainly because of the simple user interface in which makes it really easy for beginners to convert the currency from one form to another. You can calculate and convert between more than 150 currencies. Additionally, the application allows you to enter numbers up to 2 decimal places which makes your conversation accurate and precise. It is completely free to download and can be downloaded directly from the App Store.

2. Currency

This is another great free Currency Converter app available for iOS devices. It too offers more than 150 currencies for conversation. The not able to say about this application is that it allows conversation between different kinds of cryptocurrencies as well. Hence, it is a really useful application for all the Bitcoins and altcoins traders in the Market. Moreover, the application has all basic features which are required to convert added currency rates from time to time. Just like the previous application, it is completely free to use and download on iOS devices. Moreover, it is available for the Android platform as well.

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3. Currency converter +conversion

Currency converter +Conversion is a great tool to convert all the currencies from one form to another instantly. The notable feature of this application is that you can watch the movement of a particular currency over the past 6 months. Hence, it is a very helpful tool when taken into consideration from the analysis point of view. The application is free to download on iOS devices, however, there is a paid version too. No advertisements are displayed on the application when you upgrade to the premium version.

4. XE Currency Offers

This is one of the best free Currency Converter apps. We say this because it has some additional features compared to all other applications mentioned above. XE Currency app helps in analyzing different currencies based on their past data. You can find out the highs and lows made by a particular currency in the recent past. Hence, it is a slightly upgraded tool which is used by professionals and other people. If you are simply looking for a currency converter app which can fulfill your trip needs, considered download Windows applications which have been mentioned above.

5. Currency converter and exchange

It is is the last but not the least application which has been included in our list of best free Currency Converter apps for iOS devices. This is a great application considering the fact that you can convert multiple currencies on a single go. For instance, you can enter the value of a particular currency and get it converted into 4 different currencies instantly at a single time. Additionally, the app supports Siri which can help you in opening different read charts as and when required. Moreover, the widget of this application adds to the comfort. Hence, hi you can easily download this application from the app store and get your currency converted.

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