Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which Is The Best Smart Speaker?

           Smart speakers are in constant demand and there are only two players in this segment. One is Google and the other one is Amazon. Google home and Amazon echo are the best selling smart speakers around the world. It has just been here also since we have seen the launch of Amazon echo devices as well as the Google home. Since then, the demand for smart speakers and smart home is on a constant rise. So if you have an option to select between Google home and Amazon echo, which one will you choose? Decide this after going through the entire comparison of Google Home vs Amazon Echo.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo


The Google home looks like a cylinder basically with two in one colour. The best model of Google home 5.6 inches in length and 3.67 inches in diameter. It is white at the top and grey at the bottom. However, you can change the bottom colour according to your choice by purchasing extra accessories. You can choose between several other colours like black, copper, and more. You will have to pay some extra cost for changing the colour. It may range between $20 to $40. Moreover, you can choose between Google Home mini or Google home Max which are smaller and larger compared to the base model respectively.

The Amazon echo 2nd generation has a cylindrical shape too. Additionally, you are given a choice to choose between 5 outer body type which includes charcoal, wooden frame, and some others.  Moreover, there are some options which you get just like Google home. You can choose between Amazon echo dot or Amazon echo show. The echo dot a smaller and relatively less expensive. On the other hand, the Amazon echo show comes with a screen.

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Amazon Echo is powered by Alexa which helps the user in accessing the artificial intelligence Technology. You can command your echo device to play songs, read the news, turn on your other smart devices, and whatnot. You are also given the freedom of selecting your preferred language. Alexa is updated regularly and more and more new features are added with each and every update.

In the same manner, Google home is powered by the Google Assistant which needs no introduction. Google assistant is one of the most powerful artificial intelligence software available in the world. It can do one dose by simply commanding it over voice. You can choose from hundreds of languages and command your device in your preferred language. Moreover, you can ask your device to play songs, read the news, or even interact with it. Google has been working on the artificial intelligence Technology exhaustively and we will see further updates which will improve the Google assistant consistently.


The original Amazon echo will cost you around $100 for the cloth wrapped version. You will have to pay $20 more for the wooden layer. However, you can get them on sale often. The Amazon echo dot is relatively cheaper and will cost you around $50 only. Moreover, if you buy a second generation echo dot it will cost you even lesser. All the Amazon echo devices are often on sale, especially during festive seasons.

Google home is slightly expensive and you will have to pay around $129 for it. The price was reduced by Google and is now retailing at around $99. The Google Home Mini is available for just $49. Moreover, you can grab the Google Home devices during the sale for an even cheaper cost.

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Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Conclusion

In our comparison of Google Home vs Amazon Echo, we found out that Amazon echo is the best smart speaker available in the market right now. This is mainly because it is cheaper than Google home and can too many more things. Moreover, it is also compatible with some other smart devices.

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