Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks: Catch Up Certain Things Which You Are Missing!

Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks: Catch Up Certain Things Which You Are Missing!

     Amazon Echo is one of the best smart home speakers available in the market currently. However, no all who own them know, how to operate them accurately. There are a lot more things than just command in Amazon Echo to play songs or news. Hence, you must be aware of all the additional tips and tricks of the Amazon echo. Alexa can do almost anything you want it to do. Simply, wake up Alexa and ask her to play music or read the news or any other information from the internet directly over voice feature. Below are certain Amazon echo tips and tricks which you should follow.

Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks

Change Alexa Wake Up Command

Most newbies are often confused about how to change the Alexa wake up command. Most used as think that it is not possible. This is a serious problem when you have more than one Alexa device in your home. Hence, if you try to wake up one device the others also wake up simultaneously. This is very irritating at times.  Hence, you can directly change the backup command word for a particular Alexa device.

For this, you need to download the election to go to the Alexa website. Now simply click on refresh and “wake up word.” However, you cannot input award of your choice but rather you can use alternate words like Amazon echo for waking up your Alexa device.

Clear Voice History

Everyone might know that Alex records everything you ask her. All the questions are saved in history and are accessible via the Amazon echo app. Sometimes it gets awkward when you ask certain embarrassing questions to Alexa. But there is no need to worry about this matter. You can simply clear the voice history by going to the Amazon echo app and clicking on settings and clearing the entire voice history.

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Turn Alexa into a Music Clock

This is one of the best Amazon echo tips and tricks. You can simply ask Alexa to wake you up with a dedicated song or a  radio station. This is very soothing because you get to listen to the song which you love the most as soon as you open your eyes.

Alexa Can Turn Off lights

This is one of the Amazon Echo Tips & Tricks about which most users are unaware. To the surprise of most users using command Alexa or Amazon echo device to switch off the light when you go to bed. Simply say goodnight Alexa to turn off the light. However, you will lead to pair the Alexa device to the smart lights like Philips Hue. Pairing these devices a simple using the Amazon echo application.

Order Food

You can ask Alexa to order some snacks or food from the internet. Many users are not aware of this feature of Amazon echo. However, this gets alone at times because your children keep on repeating the order again and again. To prevent this read the next Amazon echo tips and tricks.

Child Lock

As mentioned above there are instances when your children keep on ordering food without your permission. To the surprise of many users, you can set up a child lock system on the Amazon echo devices. This can be done using the Amazon echo app. To prevent repeated ordering of food you can ask for confirmation code every time the order is done. This will be sure that the device is used properly and under the guidance of parents.

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Play Songs Via Bluetooth

Most users forget that Amazon echo started as a Bluetooth speaker device and not an assistant device. Hence, if you do not have access to only the music library is like Amazon Prime, you can simply connect the Amazon echo to your smartphone and play songs from it.

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