Which Is The Best Amazon Echo Device Available In The Market?

Which Is The Best Amazon Echo Device Available In The Market?

         There are a number of Amazon echo devices available in the market. The great number of devices Available has confused the people for a long time. To remove this confusion we are going to compare all the Amazon echo devices available and tell you which one is the best for you. There are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind while purchasing an Amazon echo or Alexa devices. Alexa assistant is similar to all the devices. However, you have to keep in mind some factors like what you need these Amazon to echo devices for. Hence, we have compared all the Amazon echo devices below.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you might be looking for the best Amazon echo device to gift your loved ones. This is a great choice and can be considered as a valuable Valentine’s Day gift. Hence, go through the comparison below and find out the best Amazon echo device for your partner.

Which Amazon Echo Device To Buy?

Echo 2nd Generation

This Amazon echo device has a cylindrical structure and comes with a number of interchangeable outer layer. It is a Bluetooth speaker which supports the Alexa assistant. Alexa will help you in interacting and finding or playing music and other things, using voice control. You can command Alexa to listen to a particular song or go through the latest news headlines. There are many more things that you can do with your Alexa device. The retail price of this device is $100. However, you can get it for $90 during the sales.

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2. Echo Dot 3rd Generation

This is an affordable Amazon echo device which you can consider to gift. It is a small round shaped device which has Alexa assistant in it. You can control the device using your voice and the Alexa application from your smartphone. Moreover, the audio quality has been significantly improved on this device. This is the best device if you are looking for a home speaker and smart device for the first time. Additionally, it can connect up to two stereo sounds. It is available for $50, however, you can get it for $30 during the sale.

3. Echo Dot Kid Version

This is a kids edition of echo dot. It comes with some lively colors and helps the parent to control the device. It only gives out age-friendly content. Moreover, it has a parental control option which restricts the kids from accessing those things which have been disabled by their parents. Additionally, it is a basic Bluetooth speaker for kids you can play and control the device using their voice and smartphone. The device is available for $70.

4. Echo Plus 2nd Generation

This is a high-end model of Amazon echo. the Echo plus 2nd generation is a cylindrical device which comes in a number of designs. You can choose the wooden version or the version with woolen cloth around it. The device looks amazing and has the best audio quality among all the Echo devices. You can play songs and control it using your voice with the Alex assistant. Moreover, you can use all the smart home features from this device. It is available for $150.

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5. Echo Show 2nd Generation

This is an Amazon echo device with a large screen. It will help you to watch visual content on your Amazon echo device. You can make video calls using this echo show device. Moreover, you can interact with Alexa and tell it to play some movies or videos on demand. There are many applications like YouTube which can help you in viewing videos on the Amazon show 2nd generation. It is available for $250.

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