Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub: Which Is The Best Smart Speaker?

Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub: Which Is The Best Smart Speaker?

     The variety of Smart home speakers available in the market have puzzled the customers. These speakers are getting very popular across the countries and are an essential part of smart homes. Google also manufactures these Smart home speakers, however, there are a number of versions of the same smart speaker by Google. Customers often confused to choose between Google Home, Mini, Max, and Hub. All the smart speakers are more or less the same, there are only some basic differences based on shapes and sizes. So let’s compare Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub and find out which one is suitable for your smartphone.

Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub


The major difference between all these Smart home speakers by Google is the design and shapes in which they come. Google Home looks like an air freshener. Other come in various designs ranging from a rectangular box to circular dots to squashed muffins. In terms of color and material, you can choose between cloth covered material or others, like a plastic finished version. Additionally, customers can select the colors of their choice.

Google Assistant

With the Google assistant all these Bluetooth speakers you can remain updated with all the latest news by simply asking Google via voice control. You can play songs and collect your smart speaker to other smart devices in your home. However, there is very little or almost no scope of comparing these four Google Home devices in terms of Google assistant. This is because all the Google Home devices have the same Google assistant software installed in them. Hence, all the Google Home devices are the same in this segment.

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You can play music from Spotify, Google plays music, podcast, and any other music streaming platform. Playing music on smart devices are amazing and you can play music simply using the voice control feature. Additionally, the sound output on all these Google devices is best in quality. However, in our comparison of Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub, we found that Google home Max was able to produce a much high-quality sound which was audible till a decent distance.

Other Google devices were also able to output decent quality of music. However, Google Home Mini who was quite inferior compared to the other devices. This might be because of the extremely low and affordable cost of the Google Home Mini. In this test, we found that Google home Max who was the best contender.

Price & Availability

Home Google home is available on Amazon and other retailing websites for just dollar $129. Whereas, Google Home Mini cost you just $49. On the other hand, Google home Max cost $349 and Google home hub costs $149. Hence, the letter versions are available at a much higher rate compared to Google Home Mini.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a smart home speaker at a decent valuation and it is your first Smart home speaker then go for Google Home Mini. Google mini is the cheapest Smart home speaker with all the latest features. However, if budget is not a problem and you are looking for and upgradation then go for Google home Max. This is because Google home Max is the flagship model of the Google Home series and comes with all premium features and look. In our comparison Google Home vs Mini vs Max vs Hub, we did not find much difference between these devices. Hence, it is upon the customer if he wants a small speaker or a large one. There is not much difference in terms of sound quality and other input features.

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