Google Hangouts To Be Officially Taken Down In October!

Google Hangouts To Be Officially Taken Down In October!

        Tech Giant, Google has announced the shut down if it’s flagship social messaging application, Google Hangouts. The move comes keeping in mind the core development sector of the company. Consumers will not be very surprised by this move because hangouts have remained an unpopular option in terms of a social media platform.

Social Media has been in the hands of certain players only. A new entry in the industry is not accepted by the consumers. The recent figures show that consumers are currently satisfied free by the existing social media platforms and messaging applications. This is mainly because big brand names like WhatsApp is fulfilling almost every expectation and need of an individual.

Google Hangouts could never attract a huge customer base because of the existing players in the market. Hence, Google has finally finalized the date to shut down the social messaging services forever. According to the reports, Google Hangouts will be taken down from the Google Play Store and network in October 2019. We have earlier seen Google, shutting down its social media platform, Google+. And now it’s the social messaging application, Google Hangout which is going to be played out.

Social Media Sector: A doom for Google

Google+ and Google Hangouts were the flagship projects of Google for entering the social media industry. Google+ was meant for overtaking Facebook, while, Google Hangouts was meant for overtaking other big messaging applications like WhatsApp. However, everyone has noticed that both the projects couldn’t attract many customers. The social media users are quite committed to the big brand names of Facebook and WhatsApp. This became the major reasons for the failure of Google in this sector.

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Google Hangout will not be completely disappearing after it is taken down. This is because Google has clarified that it has no intention to shut down the feature which focuses on businesses. Hence, Hangouts Chat & Hangouts Meet will still continue its service. Besides these two applications, Google has launched many other social media platforms and applications. However, all search ventures failed miserably and had to be taken down.

Google Hangouts had almost all the features which WhatsApp provided to its consumers. For instance, it had the video calling and voice calling feature. Moreover, the number of emoticons in Google Hangouts for pretty much similar to that of WhatsApp. However, the applications tell failed to attract new users and gain the market share. The main reason behind this failure was not any mismanagement or advertisement, but social media has come to search. Where people don’t want to shift from the most popular brand names like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Google Duo is the latest application by Google, which focuses on video calling only. Google is advertising it a lot to ensure that this venture does not turn into a failure.

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