Here Are 6 New Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

Here Are 6 New Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Need To Know!

       The Social Messenger Giant, WhatsApp Messenger is the most used application in terms of social media. Recently, FB had bought WhatsApp. Since then we have seen a number of new features rolling out almost every month. WhatsApp has evolved from being a conventional Social Messenger to become an entire social media platform. This was mainly after Facebook had integrated stories in WhatsApp. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp for messaging. However, not everyone is aware of the Latest Whatsapp tips and tricks. We have listed down a number of WhatsApp tips and tricks which was followed after the recent WhatsApp update.

There are a number of hidden features in WhatsApp which will make your life simpler. However, many people are not aware of this WhatsApp tips and tricks because they are not advertised. Hence, we have listed down all the latest Whatsapp tips and tricks which were added after the recent WhatsApp update in 2019. You can use these features to make WhatsApp even more useful and less complex. There are a lot of added features using which you can hide blue ticks and download profile pictures of your friends. Here is the list of Latest Whatsapp tips and tricks.

Latest Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

1. Backup WhatsApp Chats

This is an old feature by WhatsApp. However, it is one of the most recommended WhatsApp tips to back up your charts on your device. This is mainly because of the fact that in case you have to change your smartphone, you can transfer all the chats to the new phone without losing any data. To back up all the chats in your internal storage, follow the steps given below.

  • launch WhatsApp and go to the settings by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on chats and select backup.
  • All the chats will be back down in your internal storage
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2. Voice Assistant

Voice assistant is one of the best features which has been integrated lately in WhatsApp. The recent WhatsApp update has enabled the compatibility of Google Assistant and Siri with WhatsApp. Hence, you can send messages to your friends and family without touching your smartphone. Simply command to Google assistant to send a text message using WhatsApp to a particular friend.

3. Group Calls

Earlier WhatsApp allowed only single calls. However, after the recent WhatsApp update, you can add a number of participants to a particular call. To do a group call, you first need to call a single person and then click on add participants. Hence, you can enjoy group calls and communicate with all your friends without paying anything.

4. Disable Blue Ticks

This is probably one of the best features which were recently added to WhatsApp. Hence, this is WhatsApp tips and tricks for those who don’t like to show blue ticks. This happens mostly when someone is messaging and irritating you and you don’t want to reply to them even after seeing the message. Disabling the blue tick works like a charm.

5. Pin Chats On the top

Now you can pin your favorite chats on the top. This is mostly a WhatsApp trick and tips for those people who get an unlimited number of messages every day. To escape from the spam, pen your favorite contacts on the top to quickly access them.

6. Reply using popup notification

The recent WhatsApp update has added an amazing feature. Using this feature you can directly reply to a person by the notification. Hence, it is extremely convenient for those who are busy working on something and needs to reply without changing the tab. Simply, pull down the notification menu and type a new message directly there and click on send. Your message will be delivered without opening the actual tab.

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