Instagram vs Facebook: Top 5 Reasons Explaining Instagram Will Overtake Facebook

Instagram vs Facebook: Top 5 Reasons Explaining Instagram Will Overtake Facebook

               Instagram vs Facebook: Two of the major leading social networking sites that are ruling the world are Instagram and Facebook. Almost everyone around the world is using these highly popular apps and are addicted to it whether they are teenagers or adults.

Since the arrival of Facebook and Instagram, the social media platform is gaining heights. But you can also see that from a few years back Instagram is having more active users as compared to all social media platforms even Facebook. The interesting fact is that Instagram is owned by only.

So why this is happening and what is the reason behind the popularity of Instagram as compared to Facebook. This is what we are going to talk about in today’s blog. With the help of this article, we will tell you the top reason for Instagram overtaking Facebook.

Instagram offers better Experience

Being a user-friendly app, Instagram offers it’s billions of active users a better experience that they wouldn’t get in any of the social networking sites. On the other hand, we also know that Instagram is made only for mobile phones, because of which you get good results while using the app.

You can say that the most important reason for the popularity of Instagram and having 30 billion users is its mobile-friendliness nature. As per to the research, it is observed that from the past few years, Facebook has lost its 2.5 million users in the US as compared to the Instagram which has active monthly users enlarged from 600 million to 800 million for the duration of December 2017.

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Instagram is More Suitable for Businesses

If you are starting a business or else you want to promote your products and services through a great social platform, then, Instagram is all that you need. Through Instagram, one can easily and widely promote their business but if we talk about Facebook, it takes several tricky steps in order to promote your business.

On the other hand, Instagram only asks for the creation of the account as well as you can also start advertising your business.

Right now, if you will compare Instagram and Facebook on the basis of promoting business, then the success rate of Facebook commerce is lesser than Instagram.

Another best thing about Instagram is the rolling out in-app payments which in other term means you can buy from the photo directly deprived of leaving the site.

Instagram Has an Option of Video Chat

Well, we know that both the platforms that are Facebook and Instagram offer Messaging, Chatting, and Calling in order to connect the people all around the world. But on the other hand, if we talk about video chatting option then at this point the clear winner is Instagram. These days messaging are from time to time-powered by bots as well as chats but Video calling can never be fake and that what’s makes it more amazing as compared to others.

Instagram Has better Stories Integration

The interface and Newsfeed of Instagram are much better than Facebook. When we talk about Facebook, it has its own stories, the interface between the News Feed as well as Facebook Stories is irritating. While talking about Instagram, it is inspired by Snapchat, so it has a better user interface. Also, the quality of the video, in addition, is very excellent on Instagram as well as it overall offers a better user experience.

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Instagram Has Messaging Built-in

The biggest disadvantage of Facebook is that we need to download Facebook messenger separately in order to conduct messages. Instagram, on the other hand, has a built-in messaging option. You do not need to download any software separately that features chatting option.

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